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    I like tiny houses.

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    Pop-Up House: the affordable passive house from Multipod-Studio on Vimeo.

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    Interior of the Vo Trong Nghia Architecture

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    Vo Trong Nghia Architects have designed a multi-unit dwelling whose front and rear facades are aesthetically-pleasing spaced concrete planters.

    These planters protect residents from noise and pollution while providing a wam streaming sunlight filter on the interior. A green roof on top of the building also lower energy costs and reduce the amount of city-street runoff.

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    "More and more Americans are discovering the truth about solar: It saves money and helps the planet. In fact, every four minutes another American family installs solar panels on their home. A clear indication that solar energy has become a cost-effective energy option for homeowners .

    But mistaken beliefs about solar persist—it’s too expensive, too complicated, too unreliable. Going solar really is far easier and less costly than most folks think. Below we debunk the most persistent myths about solar panels."

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    "What we know from history is that [we] need a really small group of innovators ... that can demonstrate how to do things differently and once that gets mainstreamed, change happens really quickly." - Edgar Pieters Urbanized

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    Future Clothes Washing Technology

    Award: $20,000 USD
    Deadline: January 11, 2014

    Conventional washing machines cause excessive damage and wrinkling to clothes primarily during the water removal step. With the introduction of high efficiency washers, not only has cleansing performance been improved, but water and energy consumption has also decreased. What if you were able to clean your clothes at home without using any water? The Seeker desires to revolutionize the laundry process with a novel technology that uses no liquid, creates no wrinkles, and does not damage clothes.

    This Challenge requires only a written proposal. The Seeker may consider further collaboration with Solver(s) who receive an award for this Challenge.

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    Co2-58-13 posted data for the 2013 Global Carbon Budget on November 20, 2013. Key findings are listed here: - Global emissions due to fossil fuel alone are set to grow in 2013 at a slightly lower pace of 2.1% than the average 3.1% since 2000, reaching a level that is 61% above emissions in 1990

    1) Growth rates for major emitter countries in 2012 were 5.9% (China), −3.7% (USA), −1.3% (EU28), and 7.7% (India).

    2) The 2012 carbon dioxide emissions breakdown is coal (43%), oil (33%), gas (18%), cement (5.3%) and gas flaring (0.6%).

    3) Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels increased in 2012 at a faster rate than the average over the past 10 years because of a combination of continuing growth in emissions and a decrease in land carbon sinks from very high levels in the previous two years.

    4) Dr. Mike Raupach of CSIRO: "A continuation of the emissions growth trends observed since 2000 would place the world on a path to reach 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial times in 30 years"

    Sources: CDIAC 2013 Global Carbon Budget

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