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    August is the first month of the "Beekeeping" Year

    What you need to know -- info from an ORSBA beekeeper

    August 12, 2017

    Thanks to Mike Standing, a local ORSBA beekeeper, for sharing this info.

    "As temps are on the increase, honey bees will swarm. Honey bees live in colonies. A swarm is a natural way that honey bees reproduce a new colony. When their current colony or home gets too small for them, they leave in a swarm to find a new place. What’s left in the old home is a brand new Queen and some younger workers to take care of the colony. The bees that left are now homeless! They are on the hunt for a new home. Sometimes they know where they are going. Most often they don’t quite know where their new home will be. While searching for their new home, sometimes they will land someplace to rest and regroup.

    The kinds of places they might land could be a branch from a tree, an overhang from a house, a streetlight, the side of a building, basically anywhere! When the honey bees left their old home, they stocked up all the honey they could carry in their honey sacs. They need this honey to help them get started in their new home. When the Bees are in this state they are non-aggressive! To fear them is only natural. It can be scary to look up and see a cloud of bees flying overhead... but do not worry. This is not a frenzy of bees on the war path out to attack everyone and everything in its path!

    The same goes if you are out for a walk and come upon a honey bee swarm that has landed someplace like a low hanging tree branch. Keep your distance; remember they are just resting until they can find a new home. Take all the pics you want, but don’t harass them! That’s a real good way to get stung!

    So what do you do if you come across a swarm? If you are in a highly populated area, the best thing to do is contact a local beekeeper by City to come and rescue the swarm."

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