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Yeah, same here. Solarpunk Action Week just turned into Solarpunk Action Year.

Oh whoops, somehow it became the last day of @SolarpunkActionWeek already!!! :'( But I'm going to be expanding it as I'm going to be in self quarantine for like 5-8 weeks, rip. Here's a summary of what I've done!!

-got started on my garden for the upcoming spring (planted tomatoes, peppers, two onions from food scraps, petunias, repotted a succulent in an attempt to save it from death)
-grew lentil sprouts for the first time
-learned more about solarpunk
-made plans for using clothes scraps

I've done a couple of things recently that i'm gonna say are for #solarpunkactionweek.
I donated a couple of felted things I made to silent auction in support of wet'suwet'en.

I also made some felting pads/heating pads from dry rice and some fabric i got from a $1 pair of pants from the thrift store. if i make a few more i might give them to the free store at the womens center


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I'm also working on getting the final things together for an ace and aro meet up i'm hosting


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For the last day of #SolarPunkActionWeek I am sharing a resource.

Written in 1942, at the height of WWII shortages and rationing, HOW TO COOK A WOLF isn't just a cook book about food and feeding people, it's about sustaining ourselves and others through nourishment in difficult times.

Even if you don't want to cook anything in this book, reading it will help you cultivate resiliency in the face of uncertainties.

@SolarpunkActionWeek final day: added my name to the local COVID-19 mutual aid form, offering access to my bulk rice stash plus any seedlings or seeds we have left over from starting our edible garden (it looks like we'll have plenty). If you haven't already connected to a mutual aid network, this page has a list of local initiatives and resources for starting your own if there's not one in your area: itsgoingdown.org/autonomous-gr

We also went to a farm to pick up a bunch of compost. This is the place that picks up organics from the bakery my roommate works at to put in this exact pile. This stuff (plus our less impressive home batch) is about to cover the huge clay-heavy hill in front of my house, which was broken up and fortified by green manure over the winter, so it can grow wildflowers!

And since #SolarpunkActionWeek is every week, here are my plans over the next couple days: help a friend install Linux on Monday, distribute zines to little free libraries, design and hang flyers advertising the mutual aid form, and continue getting our edible garden started

Thanks for joining me this week, everyone! :solarpunk:

Making a list of #COVID19 #MutualAid efforts over on tumblr


Please boost, check for your area, and reply with any groups you know of that I've missed

!?!?!?!!? mom didn't even tell me we were doing these
the bag contains a mixture of clay and sawdust (clean cat litter apparently) and is mixed in with spores. you let them myceliate for a few weeks and then poke a hole in it and they just go like foomf... endlessly harvestable mushrooms for your kitchen. #solarpunk as fuck

Late update on @SolarpunkActionWeek Thursday: stole a pallet from walmart to turn into a bench tonight, set up a grow light for my seedlings because they're going absolutely fuck wild, actually found groups for those people I said I'd find groups for like 2 days ago lmao

The rest of the week will be building and maaaybe placing that bench, grabbing free compost from a friend's farm tomorrow and hopefully spreading it over the hill and planting flowers, and if I get the time going on a zine distributing run to local little free libraries

I thought todays' action for #SolarPunkActionWeek was going to be some gardening, but I had no spoons when it rained during my garden window.

Coming home from a much-appreciated session with my counselor this afternoon, I came upon a man trimming a cherry tree like the one which blooms next door to my house. Branches everywhere. I complimented his trim job, and asked if I could have a branch to take home.

Free flowers and urban forage ftw

Halfway through @SolarpunkActionWeek and this is where we're at; we've made plans to repurpose boys old bed into a plant shelf and a cat tree, we bought refillable milk bottles, I'm going to try and do some mending later, and since i have a surplus of handcream (people have been buying me the stuff since i was 15 god knows why) and people at work have been relying on hand sanitizer I'm gonna bring my excess in tomorrow for that. Don't know how much that stuff counts.

Because I had to take 5 rideshares yesterday, I made today's #SolarPunkActionWeek action be about intentionally not using any fueled transit or transportation. Out on foot I did 16,406 steps, 6.6 miles and 20 floors, which really is from my house to my parents and back again via Carkeek Park.

It was blissfully #mossy

@SolarpunkActionWeek update: a few of our seeds have already started to sprout!!! I also received the stickers I ordered from emergentgoods.com, alongside a little bonus because anarchist distros are sweethearts. Will be putting those up soon, as well as distributing more zines

Misc. actions: gave @Anarchist_Mallrat her birthday present, a blouse I bought from the Zapatistas; did some weeding and tending to the compost; put up some stickers I already had; working on connecting 2 separate people online to local groups, one on tumblr and one on Masto; and running both official #SolarpunkActionWeek social media accounts, of course

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