It makes me so happy that sometimes when people ask if I have any produce and I can say "yes" and it's not because someone donated it or donated money and I bought produce, but because I grew it myself and can go cut them some nice kale leave from my own garden.

Like, it's nice to sit back and appreciate the political statement that is, "Yes, I have free food, I grew it myself with hard work and it's a gift to whoever, no conditions."

I guess I should add on, that all that is true, AND I live in a tiny studio apartment in a fairly urban place, I've just been doing enough illegal gardening that I can still produce food.

And I'm only getting better at it! AND my partner and I played with it last year and I can do a decent amount of gardening indoors with our lighting setup, so who knows. Like, I genuinely don't know how much I can grow in this size space but it's proving to be way more than I thought.

@redoak lol thanks i usually just see it as fucking about in poverty :D

@emsenn hah, i think of you as extremely mindful and intentional, if you’re just “fucking about” i don’t know the words for whatever i’m doing

@emsenn For the indoor growing stuff, as I remember you have a cat, how do you keep of from chewing on everything? Almost everything inside here without protection dies because he chews on it.

@tofuwabohu my cat is more respectful of other living things than any other living thing I have ever met. She looks to me for permission and if I don't encourage her, she leaves it alone.

@tofuwabohu that said i think growing garlic scallions and then using them to mulch around the base of plants might be enough for some cats? it keeps her completely disinterested (as is, she sniffs at plants but never chews)

@emsenn Hm, I think he dug out replanted scallions before but I may give it a try.

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