If you've got land, give it back.

If you've got money, gift it back.

If you've got hoarded wealth, relinquish control.

It is time y'all reckon with that shit.

I know white queers looking to buy land; Looking to buy more homes.

Y'all better be turning around and giving y'all's other homes back to the folx whose land you're occupying.

If not, you're trying tomake a profit and keeping access to housing away from those who can't afford housing. If not, you're keeping land and housing away from Black and Indigenous people.

And y'all have excess money. Y'all have excess land and homes.

Excess is capitalism.
Hoarding resources is colonialism.

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Take the financial hit and gift land and homes to community.

We know y'all will be fine without that money.

And even if you're not, you'll be fine long-term becuase you still have acess to jobs, land, housing, healthcare, and resources that we (the queer BI people) would never have.

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So y'all better re-think putting that house for sale.

Y'all better rethink buying that other house on stolen land.

Y'all better rethink buying stolen land.

Y'all better rethink that savings account.

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Cause we are watching and we will do something about it.

[Words from @phaggot.planet and graphics from @seedingsovereignty on Instagram]

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@hummingrain the other day someone volunteering their labor at a mutualist event, who volunteers often, was tlaking with his partner about how they're probably only going to live in the home they just bought for maybe five years, since it's a starter home, and then they'll rent it out and move somewhere else, so they have to plan the home like that.

And I... started to argue back and then it was clear I was the only one present who didn't feel as though mutualism were a thing to participate in with one's privilege, not a way of life, and then I felt very alone. :\

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I've heard some sidechatter about these threads, about how absurd it is I ask folk to give up their savings accounts.

Here's some thoughts from someone else:

"This is about reparations and understanding that the comfortability afforded to you by your savings account is not about you pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and then donating to "marginalized communities" (as if we depend on you to donate to us to keep us afloat) - but that your ability to save and hoard wealth, while not the same as the ultra-rich, is still part of a settler colonial framework that is built on stolen land and labour and ultimately protected by violent forces such as the police, borders and military. If you can't understand that your hoarding of wealth is not benign but rather a part of an overall project, then I'm not sure where to begin. No one, I assure you, is asking folks to enter willingly into poverty. What is asked is simple - to examine the ways that you are able to build wealth on the backs of others & recognize that if you are truly in this for change and not just talk, then that comes with relinquishing of comforts that you may take for granted."

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@emsenn aw, I'm sorry, that sucks. *Hug if okay*

Yeah it's not mutualism if you're not willing to give up some privilege along the way

@emsenn @hummingrain Don't necessarily jump to criticize people for hoarding wealth. Wealthy donors could do wonders for the anarchist movement.

@jwinnie It is rude of you to assume it is a "jump" and not a well-reasoned position. I am anti-philanthropy, anti-charity, and I arrived at that position with careful thought. @hummingrain

@jwinnie By choosing which causes they donate to, people with stolen wealth are able to affect society with their own biases.

Imagine Bill Gates suddenly decides to start funding anarchists. Is he going to have any similar knowledge, beliefs, or priorities to me?

Then how come he gets to have a giant say in which anarchists get resources?

(This is why people with business degrees get investments to start companies to manufacture water filtration machines for the developing world, and people in the developing world with this technology are ignored: bias on the part of the people with the money to invest.)


The material assets that the wealth represents could do wonders, but that doesn't speak to the donors.
The idea you're supporting is known as "philanthro-capitalism" and is widely criticized by anarchists and communists. @hummingrain

@emsenn @hummingrain Hmmm... thanks for taking the time to respond.

What if anarchists set up an organization which accepts general donations, and then democratically manages and allocates the donation funds to different causes?

@emsenn @hummingrain Different indigenous and poor communities, as well as dedicated activists such as yourself, can have seats at this organization and get to vote on what they need the most.

@jwinnie I would rather a person tell me they're going to quit their job and work full-time to dismantle white supremacy than give me $100,000. The solutions to the problems this civilization faces can't be bought. @hummingrain

@emsenn @hummingrain Hmmm ... almost everyone I know is obsessed with getting wealth and thinks that's the only way they can help the world.

@emsenn @hummingrain They point to how Bill Gates has helped solve many diseases, and when I point out that he is perpetuating neo-colonalism in doing so, they essentially say that being colonized is better than being dead.


donate $100 to charity, had to produce $700 of value for capitalists.

hoard enough to be a capitalist and then you're donating money you stole from other people.

There's no way it works out that it isn't better to just directly work, yourself, toward these solutions.


Their response presupposes that without colonization, these peoples would be dead, which ignores that these diseases Gates is treating are only so bad because of other issues like social instability. Being colonized is what makes disease so deadly. @hummingrain

@emsenn @hummingrain I've been thinking about this ... most anarchists would say that unionizing and going on strike is the best and most revolutionary praxis. But in order to go on strike you have to have a strike fund, right? If a donor could bankroll strike funds it could significantly accelerate anarchist organizing.

@jwinnie @hummingrain Wrong. You need the things that fund provides: food, water, medicine, shelter. Again, it's not the funding that matters but the resources, and those can come from other means.

Yes, a capitalist could relinquish their hoarded wealth, that would be good, but it isn't actually anything to do with anarchism, anymore than "not murdering your neighbor" is anarchy.

And as morally... not-evil... as relinquishing stolen wealth is, it certainly isn't moral enough to justify stealing wealth in the first place: "I'm exploiting you to steal value from you because if I hoard it then I can use it all at once to liberate you" is absolutely bullshit logic that does nothing but reinforce the culture of kyriarchism, paternalism, etc.

@jwinnie @hummingrain Relinquishment of exploited resources to those who were exploited isn't praxis, it's a given for anyone that isn't a lying thief.

@emsenn @hummingrain Aha. That's a really good point and something I haven't thought about yet.

It really only holds if you believe in the labor theory of value, though.

@jwinnie @hummingrain I don't believe in that really though, so could you explain how you see it that way so I can explain differently?

I would say that /your/ position only holds if you believe in the labor theory of value, as your "funding" model relies on the labor being truly represented by the value of the funds.

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OMG, ugh....

I swear that's something my bougie parents would have said. WTF is wrong with people?

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