i was chucking dried baguettes into the compost pile and one must've had a sharp part on its crust because i sliced the HELL out of my index finger which is INCONVENIENT and painful.

but, watching the baguettes shatter against a concrete wall was satisfying, so I'll probably just wear gloves next time.


Iunno how to segue into it from this but like, mutualism is a big labor of my day and right now i'm the only income for my partner and me. if you think what i do is valuable, you can give me money at emsenn.net/support/

money goes toward electricity, fuel, stamps and envelopes, diapers, clothes, etc. all that stuff i need that i can't grow or make myself.

Those of y'all with hyper-inflated western incomes (that is, tech and other white collar workers) who don't have dependents and boost/fave or otherwise engage with my posts here: pay me. you and I both know you're incapable of doing anything but appropriating what I share with you and it'll most likely be used in service of the same institutions you love to hear me criticize. Recognize the irony and how it only benefits you: pay me.

Reading this back, this is confusing, I "need" diapers and clothes and in the sense that my immediate community needs them, not that I personally need diapers or more clothes. (Well, at some point I'm hoping to see some shoes my size come around, since my one pair ar full of holes, but, the money doesn't go toward buying me new clothes.)

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