seeing lots of photos from the west coast meant to show off the smoke and gloom and honestly one of my take-aways is "wow y'all live in some nice areas I can't believe you expect me to listen to you talk about class theory"

like some of y'all have front porches bigger than my apartment and you subtoot me when I share posts like this one:

Geeeeeeee I wonder if there's any connection between feelings toward actions that directly challenge classism and the income/net-worth of "leftists"...

Y'see what really gets me about that is that

1) I am, among the people I hang out with irl, one of the most well-off! Just because I can ask y'all online for money and usually get enough, rather than need to ask folk on the street.

2) I'm also not nearly the worst-off among folk I know in the Fediverse!

It's just buck-wild to me that there are folk here like, living in places with heated floors and 6-foot wide televisions, and going around criticizing other folks' stance on property ownership without disclosing that!

Folk are real quick to point out I "have a lot to gain from ," which isn't even... true... but won't think to point out how much they have to lose.

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cheeky comment but I'm mostly just proud of this photo 

@emsenn heres a class conscious photo of the smoke from the bridge I live under (at least its in a shitty apt this time but I've also literally lived under bridges and resonate with ur sentiment v much)

cheeky comment but I'm mostly just proud of this photo 

@Scout I wonder how long it's been since those cracks were examined to see if they hit the rebar inside. <3

@emsenn A white, karen-haircut lady came up to me asking if I heard the gunshots from the other night and if I knew what gangs were "putting up all that spraypaint gang stuff" under the overpass and I really had to bite my tongue from laughing bcuz I'm partially responsible for all that "Gang stuff"

@Scout I wish we could talk more about this shit here cause fuck I want it to feel more normal than what these people think is normal.

@emsenn There are currently, 3 tags, a yin yang, a "George Floyd" and an "End Police Brutality" written under this overpass. Thats all the graffitti that's there right now

@emsenn makes me want to break out the paint tonight and go engage in some "gang activity"

@emsenn OH wait I forgot there's another one that says "HOPE"

@emsenn If this is the one I get busted for I'm coming for you when I'm out :P

@emsenn Someone who definitely isnt me almost got busted for the "George Floyd" and has been sketched on that spot ever since

@Scout that's a bummer! here it's mostly folk who will take your picture and email them to the cops than actual cops, but still a hassle either way :(

@emsenn Yeah ever since the protests started after GF was killed the cop presence in the conservative ass county I live in has like tripled. They tried to follow me home on my bike from a blm protest last weekend

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