fucking kyriarchists will use any excuse to justify their prosperity before they'll admit "violent theft" is the primary cause.

imagine looking at the West and going "what makes this different than other cultures? a love of strangers!"

how fucking blind do you have to be.

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@emsenn I remember when I first read ancient greek myths and noticed they were all super careful about how they treated strangers because strangers were under the protection of Zeus, and how it felt very foreign to me.

@technomancy Right? Like this homie is right-enough saying "Western folk are weird and think different" but holy fuck has he never talked to someone beside white men?

@emsenn @technomancy Probably not. Depending on where they were brought up, it's very possible.

Reading this hurts my brain. As if exogamy were a “western" thing... It's just frozen-in-time 19th century anthropology, restating things like "these savages don't think rationally like us", only with fresh buzzwords, biological determinism replaced by cultural determinism, and an extra slathering of naturalistic fallacy.

@gamayun For most of the day today if you open a new tab in Firefox without an account, this article is in the middle of the three top recommended articles, the other is about mattresses and the other is about how Democrats hold a secret edge in the election.

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