@emsenn yeah uhh I can't get past the paywall either but I resemble that description.

@starkatt @emsenn

archive.today / archive.is / archive.vn seems to have a full copy: archive.vn/KBXLl

There's also the "Bypass Paywalls" extension for Firefox, which sometimes works.

@woozle @starkatt

I feel like Bob here is how a lot of people are preparing for a Collapse they now recognize is probably coming.


And it's so endearing :D

Better to do as katt and me, fail early and often

@emsenn @woozle @starkatt I wonder how much of these articles is people who come up with article pitches trying to make things out to be failures that really aren't... The tomatoes grew at all is a success! It's like when the trend was to diss gardens as 'well you'll never get all your calories from that' as if that had somehow ever been the point? Skills take time to develop. So I wonder, what's the agenda behind the dissing? Or is it just people trying to cope by finding a target for their sourness?

@feonixrift @emsenn @starkatt

I am like Bob in being pretty much utterly unprepared to grow my own food.

I am unlike Bob in at least being well aware of this, and in the early stages of working out connections with mutual-aid microcivilization* projects that will at least have the knowledge of how to do it, on a very practical level.

...while also having to devote 95% of my time towards maintaining the increasingly empty shell of a "normal" middle-class existence. (Life in the 2020s)

*"civilization" as I define it, which has very little overlap with "New York, wars, and so on".

@woozle @emsenn @starkatt In two years, I have learned not to start projects in parts of the garden I can't reach for several months at a time in peak growing season. And that snails have a lot of sex.

(Responding to @feonixrift 's previous toot, trying to keep this thread from branching too much)

So I wonder, what's the agenda behind the dissing?

I'd assume the agenda is to maintain the idea that systemic change is pointless, by associating its proponents (such as people who are making realistic plans to deal with collapse of the global food-distribution network) with failure and incompetence.

@emsenn @starkatt


@woozle I mean, as we see in the other thread @feonixrift is commenting on, I am pretty much constantly fighting uphill against folks' prejudices, even as they acknowledge it. So yea, maintaining stereotypes is I think a big part of it. I think there's also the subtler maintenance of values: folk who get 3 tomatoes calling themselves failures helps entrench the value of tomatoes as a source of calories, and of gardening as a source of calories. Ew. @starkatt

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