@rowens It does!

Unsolicited but potentially useful advice:

Sometimes smaller instances like yours and mine don't properly federate all of a thread, so you might not see all of the replies to it, even clicking on the post - unless you open it up in a new tab!

(Someone had already provided a way around the paywall, and I'm guessing you didn't see that.)

If you want to then see those replies from within your instance, search for the URL of the original post within your instance and it will, at least last I knew, re-fetch the post and all replies.

@emsenn Nope, didn't see the other replies - thanks!


@rowens :D I love when shot-in-the-dark-based-on-a-guess tech suggestions are right :D

It's like when people diagnosed an issue with my emacs config from a screenshot of mine :D

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