New demo: a text-mode RPN calculator built up from machine code

* LoGlo (
* Brief (

Unlike these, however, this version tries to hew to two principles:
* Show all the data (following spreadsheets and Joshua Horowitz;
* Minimize interaction (following Bret Victor;

Project page:


@akkartik This looks like such a cool project!

Tangent but I really like

@alcinnz you might like reading the above, too! I feel like it goes head-on into some issues both of us have expressed.

@emsenn @akkartik I have studied Mu before, and I'm looking into the calculator now!

@alcinnz Sorry, to be clear I meant specifically the piece I linked on readability. @akkartik

@emsenn @akkartik Ah yes, the importance of communicating & maintaining software architecture! That *does* need more advocacy!

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