Hundreds of individual accounts linked to Indigenous, environmental, and social justice organizations were suspended from Facebook because they were co-hosts of an online Facebook event targeting the Coastal GasLink pipeline majority funder.

@emsenn Someone send them some help on setting up a Mastodon instance and use @mobilizon ?

@imacrea You're right to say there are steps we could take to support this nation against invasion, but I don't think it's as simple as linking them to a tutorial.

@emsenn Well it could be a first step. If many write to Greenpeace in response in order to welcome them on the fediverse it could give an engagin signal and motivate them to jump here, nope?

@imacrea I think you've misunderstood the link: it isn't Greenpeace that was had accounts removed, but an Indigenous nation. Again, I don't think linking to a tutorial - or in your case, simply suggesting that someone else link to a tutorial - is meaningful.

And I think you should feel personally uncomfortable with yourself, that your reaction to hearing of an invasion being conducted to maintain the economy you're dependent on, is to say "someone should give them a link!"

Honestly, the least people should do is drive in trucks with computers and routers and offer complete professional systems administration support: the only reason this is a problem at all is either because of your complicity or collaboration.

Anything short of material active support is just... talk, and while it might make you feel better, I just feel worse hearing folk say "yea, someone should do something, right?"

@imacrea And: there is a lot that the Fediverse and the English-speakers on it do to make sure this environment is unwelcoming.

I have had people here conspire to call the police on me for talking about guerrilla gardening: I don't think this place is actually any safer than Facebook for social organizing, it's just that the threat is a lot harder to see because it's from "allies."

Like yes, again, the fundamentals of what you're saying are true: people should provide efforts to help others not be dependent on corporate web services, and people should ensure that this place is a supportive environment for other people.

But just saying that doesn't actually bring us there. :(

@emsenn Thank you for sharing so openly your thoughts with me. Let me think about all this, I might have been a bit quick in my suggestion. I understand your point.

@imacrea It means a lot that you heard me out and thanked me for my thoughts, thank you!

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