My job, property manager for a small apartment building, doesn't pay me, just threatens to evict me, is absolute bullshit, like I gotta go into some airbnb unit full of white antimaskers, one of who referred to me as a "lazy Indian," to see why their bathtub faucet doesn't turn off all the way.

But since I'm the property manager I get to do stuff like set up the free market, do weekly meal distributions, do the composting, and provide myself with a hub fall all my gardening efforts. Which covers my food needs, so I don't really /need/ an income except for electricity and Internet, which y'all pay for (

None of which I'd have time or allowance to do if this job were more "corporate," and paid me better...

...nor would I get paid enough to rent land to garden, compost on, and especially not enough to rent space right downtown for the Free Market.

The lesson is, money isn't always the route to the privileges you need to do the work you want,

I just now finished up fixing the shower jfc, whoever the last plumber was can take my foot up their ass

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