On decolonizing my Web use:

"…I am online… but my most recently piece of hardware is a ~6 year old smartphone.

"And it feels like every day, another part of the Web increases how much power it requires to use, and effectively says "either buy new tools or be excluded."

"The Internet, if it is a "space", is non-Euclidean… Your neighbor who uninstalled Instagram because it started draining their battery? The neighborhood... warps and wraps to bury and erase the existence of the neighbor, perfectly stitching over where it was with a neighborhood that is less than it was.

"This has implications in a society living under physical isolation, like we're now doing because of COVID, that horrify me.

"If the Web is our community, then our community has no space for people who are not Collaborators, because it is only Collaborators who can secure the technological privilege to participate.

"I think it's worth pausing here, to ruminate on a question: how much work would you, personally, have to do to form a friendship with someone who doesn't have Internet access, today, given COVID.

"Now, consider: it requires financial privilege to secure technological privilege (e.g. Internet access). In effect, we're saying that people need financial privilege in order to be able to socialize in a society living under physical isolation.

"That is, in a word, assimilation: it is using the threat of loneliness to coerce people...

"The effect of all this is that by using the Web, by continuing to socialize on the Web, through COVID, we are coercing people to become more active Collaborators with the contemporary kyriarchy, creating more Web users, coercing more people...

"Not to understate things, but: bummer!"

full essay at

Thursdays are supposed to be Techdays for me where I work on programming, after Writeday that comes the day before.

This... counts as programming, right? :D

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If people wanna share this into other parts of the Web, I'd appreciate that: I haven't seen a perspective quite like this presented, and so I reckon it's worth drawing eyes to, as so many people look to solve the problems it discusses.

(Put explicitly: Hello, Native person who has not been privileged into tech work here, I am asking you to raise my voice however you best can, thank you.)

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@emsenn I wasn't sure whether you'd appreciate being linked to from Rhapsode's blog, but now that I see this toot I've made the change!

@emsenn Well stated :)

The interaction between machines and computers, and modeling it as factual-systems instead of modeling the interpretations/internals, is explored by the field of cybernetics, according to a discord server on the fieldI tune in to

I wish you the best of luck with Barnabus, looks like an interesting project although I'm not familiar with any of the tech except html

Go with strength and vitality to decenter computers from your info and understanding!!

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