This is only about half the food I've got right now, and the local mutualists haven't even shown up with their contribution.

Free, take as much as you want, no need to fill out any papers or show any ID or anything.

A smaller portion of food is available 24/7 for those who cannot come during daytime hours for whatever reason, and has been every day since July 1st, and almost every day since March 7th!

Think this is cool? See if there's a local Food Not Bombs group and you might be able to help out with something similar!

(Wanna support me doing this? has details on how)

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Decolonize food. Decolonize medicine. Decolonize housing. Decolonize from European place names, words, languages, statues, and accounting systems that DO NOT BELONG on Turtle Island, and are killing the whole planet. #LivingWalls, not border walls.