"Studies estimate around 175 million Indigenous lives were lost between 1492-1900 due to disease, bounties, massacres, starvation, and other genocidal practices or consequences inflicted on Indigenous peoples of North America. (To clarify, this does NOT include the genocides taking place in South America at the same time.) 175 million deaths over 408 years averages out to 429,000 deaths a year. Estimates of the North American population in 1491 put it around 150-175 million people inhabiting Turtle Island.

"Currently the estimated population of North America is around 579 million people. As of December the total number of COVID related deaths in every country of North America combined equals around 415,000 deaths. So if you're wondering what Indigenous Peoples had to endure as a result of Colonization think COVID-19 every year for over 400 year, but triple the impact to make up for the starting population difference."


^--- This way of looking at things has some issues, but I want you to think of it this way:

Aren't you frustrated with people who aren't wearing masks? Don't you lack patience for them? Don't you wish they would stay away from you, if only so you don't have to stress about them so much?

Think about that the next time you subtoot the "white non-mutuals don't reply to my posts" in my profile. 529 years now of colonizers going around without masks licking my doorbell, imagine how frustrated we are!

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