new website up at

(will move to proper domain once i get the old content off that wordpress instance)

Please excuse the lack of styling & content; it's very new and ambitious in scope.

One thing I like about trying to cultivate a personal encyclopedia is the emergent tests of knowledge that become apparent, e.g. based on my definition of "hypertext," computer software source code counted as hypertext! So I had to rewrite (and rethink) how I defined hypertext.

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@emsenn thanks I love it, now setting a happily low bar to swirl myself into shape for something along these lines (or does the low-key appearance inaccurately reflect an easy process of updating once in org-roam?) anyways, love it for going for it.

@loppear once set it up it can be really easy to update!

The second note under this entry (excuse the sloppy css):

Was created using these keystrokes:

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