An important message for hackers:

It is imperative you understand, and come to understand the implications of, that the lead server developer of Parler had/has the following phrase in his profile on the site:

Hack the Planet


There are a fair number of you who have that phrase in your own profile, yet hate Parler and everything they do, and everything they represent.

It should give you pause and cause for introspection, that digital fascists arrived where they are, largely, from the same information and choices that y'all have learned and made. What "firewalls" do you have in place, in your own cognition, that ensure you won't be "infected," living life in a way so close to that way the fascists live it?


I bring it up because last week, I lost an ally, and in part of their argument why I should trust them, they quoted their own microblog profile at me: "Hack the Planet"

The phrase clearly means something important to them. It is a phrase they orient their actions and beliefs around. But... it also is the phrase the fascists use to discuss their reshaping of the world.

Y'all talk about the dangers of open-source, how Microsoft might use your script for converting video formats.

Do you think about the dangers of your hacker culture, how a belief in entitlement to shape the world is nothing but pursuit of Christian-style creationism, a desire to impersonate Gilgamesh in the Great Cedar forest, might help fascists argue their legitimacy?

"We can't be considerate and critical of X, we might stop doing it!" the white hackers grumble.

Sounds like an excuse to keep doing X for some reason.

Wonder why all these white nerds might want to protect "hacker" as a culture and identity?

I say it's because it entitles them the way old school captains in the age of sail were entitled, to go anywhere and take anything, in the name of progress for their great empire.

But the hacker's great empire is humanity, and they will bring us all into their future, whether we want to go or not.

Sounds familiar to me - indistinguishable, to me, in fact, from normal colonization, except the window-dressing has changed from big wooden ships filled with missionaries, to big academic and corporate campuses filled with state bureaucrats.

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To the point of, specifically, "hack the planet," I will be less skeptical of the notion of "hacking" the planet when it's being said by people who respect life beside human life.

resource exploitation is a pretty big "hack" of the planet already, oil extraction lets us use like 500x more energy each year than Earth's ecology accrues.

Show me how your philosophy fatally inhibits such ways of life, and /maaaybe/ I'll entertain "hacking" the planet as a viable way forward.

But honestly? Let's think like hackers: you get a new toy, do you tear into it and try and hack it by soldering random points together on the circuit board, or do you start by reading the manual, looking on the forum, forming relationships with the circuit board and information around it?

Y'all talking about hacking the planet but can't see see the megaopolis of worms and mushrooms under your feet, or the geopolitics of corvids, and wonder why I don't trust you... eesh.

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tl;dr: "hack the planet" coming from the sort of people who eat factory-raised meat is a threat, not a promise.

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(And honestly that me saying "'hack the planet'" is being used by fascists to justify themselves" is receiving such a hard pushback of "shut up..." makes me more worried about hacker culture than I was when I posted originally, Y'all aren't even trying to argue that you're not as close in praxis to fascists as I claim, you're just telling me to shut up about it.


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I know some of y'all reading this are like "Oh so you're critical of hackers, you must be against technology, you must be an anarcho-primitivist, you're cool with genociding all disabled people then?"

1) No
2) It's so so racist to assume that if I say white folk shouldn't do X, X should not be done.
3) Non-white people aren't inherently primitive you racist fuckers
4) Seriously look here's a cool video talking about the potential implemention of geopolymers for building materials.

5) Please stop calling me anarcho-primitivist and saying I want to genocide disabled people every time I question whether computers should be the vanguard of decolonization, and if so, that colonials should not lead that vanguard. It's literally just a projection of your internalized white supremacy and fear of Others. Keep it to yourself until you extinguish the belief.

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This might seem like a big tangent, but my first migration across Fediverse instances was because a white anarchist started broadcasting that I was a genocidal anarcho-primitivist, in response to me questioning the assumption that cities are a "better" organization of settlement than a distributed population, which resulted in another white anarchist /calling the cops in my town to report that I had stolen property./

Read that back, slow: In this space, I questioned cities as a universal good, and in response, people called men with guns and told them I had stolen something from them.

This is why I object to y'all's projection of "anarcho-primitivism." It is a dangerous rhetorical tool y'all have used to make more room for white people in spaces.

Saturday before last, someone (who's name got brought up in this thread) called me an anarcho-primitivist because I said they should be focused on ending food apartheid, not securing privilege for themselves, and used that to dismiss their involvement with me.


I can't imagine it'd be taken seriously at /all/, for a /moment/, if I started dismissing Americans who criticize the US as "British Loyalists."

Yet that same weird projection based on really out-dated stereotypes is exactly what people do to me, and because it's /such/ a common projection... it works.

I, somehow, even as I post about developing computer game software for me and my friends, share stories of using ham radios to organize insurgents, write and share sci-fi stories about interstellar human adventures...

... am an anarcho primitivist?

I, who sits here making new stoves, new composting infrastructure, planters, out of the detritus of a society failing around me, an anarcho-primitivist?


Racist fucks.

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Also I know I don't have my work experience publicly listed anyplace but:

Among other things, I have been a colleague of Eric S. Raymond, who if you don't know is the rather talkative former curator of the "Jargon File," which is the "hacker dictionary" maintained since ~1981.

I'm also listed as a "computer hacker" on my nofly listing.

I know the meaning, etymology, and implications of the word "hack" in the context I'm using it, probably far better than most folk reading these posts, and I mean what I've said.

Please stop messaging me to ask me if I know about the movie Hackers.

Yes. I do.

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@emsenn one firewall I have is reading scholarly work from non-white people, following a mosaic of people, and listening to their voices and experiences. I don't dismiss their truth. I don't poke back, but use that experience to seek more information and grow my empathy.

I realize that I'm lacking in adequate Indigenous perspectives and need to remedy that.

@emsenn hm. Wondering if this applies to my queer-furry transhumanism stuff.

@starkatt honestly i'm not even adjacent enough to that community as a community to have any insight

@starkatt from the individuals i don't think so, i tseems much more about changing the self and that's good, p universally, i think

@emsenn This is very interesting. We shall understand deeper what's at play here and how some scene can be instrumentalized to lead to their opposit political goals.

There is not one answer. It's a conjonction of several conditions that make such flip possible.

Crypto-Anarchists like me and my friend @theruran are studying these kind of questions for a long time and we have some very revelant answers, but we don't have them all yet.

@emsenn Regarding the hacking scene instrumentalizations, they are from all kinds.

It is imperative to escape the simplistic manichean fight between fascists and anti-fascists. There are many other groups of interests at play. Some of them deal with geopolitics and cyber-geopolitics, cyber-imperialisms, the quest of unlimited cyber-powers, others are capitalistic interests : Money and market shares, and of course, some are criminal, others ideological.



With @theruran , we have used a new analysis methodology that is centered on the study of what we call cyber-powers and cyber-rights genesis mecanisms from digital systems architectures, it is therefore a methodology centered on studying architectural variables of such systems, and thanks to this new approach, we are able to debunk all covert fights for cyber-powers, and much more than this, including how and why the hacker scene can be hijacked by some.

Please understand, too, that @emsenn is exactly who I'm talking about when I say your background and mine doesn't prepare us to understand the requirements of digital freedoms. There is a great deal that is intrinsically colonizer in hacker culture, crypto, and the web itself. You talk about hacker culture as being hijacked, but it has never been more than a pet system of subversion to allow academics to feel better about their complicity when their labor was needed. Likewise crypto and Tor have been selectively measured out to destabilize governments in alignment with US imperial interests. A nearsighted focus on code is what makes us blind to these social vectors

I'm not sure that I have the language to communicate the fundamental alignment here with regard to the technological direction and social intent, at least as far as networked communities extend. I would go so far as to say that the lives of the Iroquois and Shoshone are the historical basis of anarchist principles of free association, and a proper perspective of crypto-anarchism is that we are making dirt. The essence here is that this is a gift of life for life, land for land, and that it places no constraints upon the recipient as to what they may grow

The only way to present this as a suitable gift to the Elders is to mix it with our own hands until it as though we know every worm by name. We'll learn nothing more until we learn this


Ok - Agreed mostly - And here is what I wanted to tell you :

• I don't think a perfect ideology exists for the left, it's say more complicated to define than for the right. This is why I found Situationism way more clever at all levels than all forms of anarchism, for example.

• On this same path of thoughts, let me tell you that I am partly anarcho-communist, not fully. Mainly because of some limitations in efficiency into

@emsenn @theruran


all those classical, too narrow or fixed or static forms of anarchism, not evolving rapidely enough to take into account new sciences like digital sciences into account and the whole new bunch of powers they had created. And here it's an honnest critic to many anarchists (not all) that failed to catch up, study and work with the speed of imposed technological evolutions of society.

@emsenn @theruran


• One last critic of classical forms of anarchism is their partial, not complete, lack of universalism in some very specific matters, yet essential to me, like equality. Universalism is easy to define and apply for Justic for example : Laws simply apply and have effectively to apply to all of us without distinction (The problem here being the judge impartiality, the justice tool), it's also easy for freedom, the same way, but

@emsenn @theruran

@yaaps for equality, it's always way more complicated.

If there is no equality and universality in the way equality applies, is anarchism worse it as a leftist way of doing things ?

You may have noticed, and this should come from my french cultural influence with "Liberté égalité fraternité", but I put more and more efforts into caring about the issue of universalism into the form of crypto-anarchism we are trying to co-create :

@emsenn @theruran


What would universalism mean to its maximum extend for crypto-anarchism and digital systems ?

And this question is interesting.

I remember saying to a french guy Ink'ow a few weeks ago, that is to say rather recently, that in the end, the only thing I was truly considering as positive for the whole bitcoin and crypto-currencies partial PoC, as we know them so far, was about data universality only, for me :

@emsenn @theruran


The bitcoin blockchain being indeed the first digital application, even if only a PoC, that was bringing true universality into the value or the meaning of data. And that even if the PoC is imperfect and applied to financial transactions and money, the underlying need for data true universality was born and for the first time experimented.

But let's be honnest, who is caring about this topic in the bitcoin community except us ?

@emsenn @theruran


Almost nobody my friend, or very very few. The vast majority of the folks gravitating arround the bitcoin community are facists / nazi criminals that only seek personnal financial gain to finance their nazi putches.

They don't give a fuck about universalism and its meaning into digital things.

Now, to go back to your last toot : If we don't have clear and simple answers to the issue you are honnestly finger pointing, it means

@emsenn @theruran


that we are lacking hard work on this topic, and that maybe our lack of big progress on this topic could be the sign we are not having the right angle of view to tackle the issue.

Still all what you said is a very intetesting contribution to the work. It clearly puts the problem at hand in perspective.

And my contribution to working on this problem and finding better ways to address it is UNIVERSALISM.

Maybe shall we try to

@emsenn @theruran

@yaaps tackle it through universalism glasses, it could be the necessary trick to better organize our ideas and debates.

Kind regards to all dear friends.
Happy new year to all.

And glad to see we're actualy back to our collective work efficiently, and more importantly, at least for me, honnestly and with ethics.

Let's open a new pad for universalism !

@emsenn @theruran

@stman I' going to keep my response here brief.

1) I ask that white people who aren't my mutuals: don't reply to my posts. It is the first line in my profile.

2) That you completely missed or ignored that to use Manichean philosophy as a metaphor for dualism, to criticise dualism, is a bad start.

3) Manichean subsumption of light is actually a pretty good metaphor for the assimilation of ideas into whiteness, so I'm going to counter and say: as a colonial, you probably need to /more/ appreciate your position within an "anti-Manichean" system. A prioritization of mechanics over personal culture, demonstrated by ignoring my request that you not talk to me is... yea, ironically anti-Manichean.

4) @theruran is the ally who distanced themselves from me, who I allude to in OP. They are, to me, evidence of colonials' allegiance to colonialism over all else, even as the colonial screams that they are our savior.

5) I have been specifically critical of @theruran's approach to these problems. Again, a focus on the mechanical over the social is inhibiting y'all's perspective, to the point of insisting that things map onto your models, is offensive to me.

6) Situationism is a form of anarchism

7) Why are you only discussing and criticising Western anarchism, IMMEDIATELY after someone told you that those philosophies are likely appropriated from a way of life that my kin still live? You are using the failings of dead white people to dismiss without even acknowledging, indigenous ways of life, so that your own white saviorism stands in a void and looks clean and good.

It is... so offensive to come onto the page of an Indigenous land steward and say, basically, "psch primitive anarchist."

Also, fuck universalism, it's just re-wrapped human secularism which was just rewrapped Christian evangelism.

Y'all are the colonial menace I say needs to wake up; stop telling me how damn smart and good you are and fucking listen.

@yaaps @theruran


And I want to make something very clear:

I am being quite literal when I say that pretty much everyone should be focusing their labor directly on ending food apartheid. I do not mean when, use your privilege and extant skills to improve computers so that others may better use them to end food apartheid.

I mean the focus of each of your days should be in re-establishing a stable food supply. That y'all, young, white, able-bodied folk are spending your days typing on a computer instead of digging through compost, invalidates all your technical work, in my eyes, and in the eyes of many of the people I work with.

It shows a deep misunderstanding of the problems you face that y'all can sit and talk about models and cryptocurrency, while land around you goes fallow, seeds rot on stems in winter moisture. An allegiance to white saviorism, white power, that all evidence of the physical world should tell you, needs to be abandoned.

I literally do not want to hear from white hackers that don't prioritize ending food apartheid, except to hear questions about how they can prioritize that. And I don't want to hear "oh but pushing a cart full of food through streets is HARD can't someone else do it, I'm well-trained at hacking already?"

Nope! Y'all demonstrate over and over and over again, literally at every opportunity, that you are not coming from a perspective where your hacking is productive toward repairing the world, and would rather chastise people who are trying to build up top-soil and save seed for... being too rigidly philosophical? Holy shit, the irony!

Our fields are producing fewer and fewer pounds per acre, and white culture hacking on that problem with all it's got hasn't cracked that problem; their current solution? Let random Native folk participate in the studies and hope they share something.

Literally y'all's plan is just "hope to appropriate the right thing" fucking gross.

@theruran @yaaps @theruran


This is not going to end in a fight, believe me, because there are huge misunderstandings between us, and I can't let you depict my goals the way you did because you are all wrong, and don't know me enough.

Regarding the food apartheid, and many related matters, I can't let you depict me the way your are doing :

In case you would ignore it, I am personally engaged both as a complainer and a whistleblower in a huge Antitrust action against what is called

@theruran @yaaps @theruran


the transnational corruption cartel of Amazon, AliBaba, GS1 and Postal and Logisitic operators in 8 countries.

The case is referenced at the direction of competition of the european commission under the number AT.40629, and it is still pending with a complementary procedure at the tribunal of the european commission, where I am attacking DG Competition decision not to investigate the Antitrust complaint that I transmitted them.

They pretend there are no

@theruran @yaaps @theruran


Antitrust infrigements, or very few chances to establish and sanction them, but they LIE. They awfully LIE and protect the whole cartel.

A true transnational corruption cartel.

Beside my personal interests in this case, there are public ones too, that concern, at least, the people of those 8 main countries involved, that have been plundered of more than 100 billions euros in the fight between waring clans within the cartel itself.

@theruran @yaaps @theruran


In such transnational corruption cases and pacts, things never go smoth between co-corruptors, associate in crime. There are always a player that want more, in the end, than the shares of the cake that were attributed to him, and in this specific case, Bezos is part of them, but he is not the only one who took by force a bigger piece of the cake.

And I am in the middle of all this.

Now let's get back about your food apartheid problem :

@theruran @yaaps @theruran


I have been struggling alone against giant corrupted multinationals that are no better than the worst mafias that exist, risking my life and the life of my family members and friends.

If initialy my fight was to defend my rights, all the investigations I had regarding the case progressively lead me to understand that my interests were nothing in comparison to the money stolen to the people of those 8 countries, by those greedy initialy co-corruptors that

@theruran @yaaps @theruran


in the end ended fighting between them to steal the biggest parts of the cake possible, and these fights ended in using the people of those 8 countries as financial adjustement variable of this covert financial fight or war should I say.

And here, I am no longer acting as a complainer, but as a whistleblower feeding informations that could allow all the people of those 8 countries to recover the money stolen to them through class actions.

@theruran @yaaps @theruran

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@emsenn it seems to me like an important thing to consider is what is really yours to hack in the first place, and what isn't. and to know the system you're about to change well enough to know what will happen if you do, and to not fuck up someone else's good thing in doing so.

@KitRedgrave imagine what we could do if we could honestly consider bees and trees 'co-hackers'

@emsenn we might even keep from screwing ourselves and everyone else over

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