Y'all get real touchy and complain if I say there's no time left for people to not be addressing climate collapse and the 6th mass extinction, saying that I'm just being a fear monger.

Here's /yet another/ piece from Westerners (the fifth I've linked this week I think) that says y'all need to face this anxiety if you don't want to doom your children to death.

I know that's grim but it's just how it is, and saying "no" doesn't change that, it just makes it harder on everyone.

@alcinnz have you read the ghastly future piece they link?

(or my perspective on it:

The best and brightest of Western culture are saying, as urgently and politely as they can "Hey y'all got about 9 years before the fascists are going to turn the lights out on you and let you deal with things yourselves."

That's new, as of the last year, in scientific literature, and is not causing the personal alarm bells in households that it should be.

9 years.

You'll be in your mid-30s.

Can you picture living life from 35 to 90 without home electricity?

Cause that's what your scientists are asking you to prepare for, now.


@alcinnz Here's an article from today providing even more evidence that indigenous genocide is still the white approach to problem solving, whether the problem be the pursuit of profit or the repair of our ecology.

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