Subtoot: Western home gardeners are not who "led the way with organic varieties," it was Indigenous people who had their seeds stolen from them by ethnobotanists and then commercialized.

The open-source seed movement, despite its intentions and goals, largely serves as a mechanism of expropriating Indigenous seed varieties under a morality derived from Western property rights.

I like saving seeds and sharing them, sure, but see the open-source seed initiative to be about as toothless as the copyleft movement.

Instead of saying, "The law that calls this 'intellectual property' is wrong and we cannot obey such in good conscience," they try to create a commons that exists under the law. That approach doesn't result in a functional resistance, because it upholds the very principles it claims to oppose. It relies on the same guns to protect the new commons that were used to plunder the old commons

@yaaps I have been complaining about this as a problem with open-source for literally a decade and I don't think I've ever gotten it out in twice as many words.

Well... There's more where that came from 🤓

I've got 3 paragraphs about the origin of IP and a legacy of failure to engage it critically in my drafts and I could thread all day about Henry David Thoreau

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