Update: I moved a bunch of stuff around which really messed up the cross-linking between my daily records and my ordinary records, so it'll probably be like, next Wednesday before I update my Website.

There's... actually not that much new content that folk probably would immediately care about, mostly I've just been filling in the "basics," basically building up my personal dictionary for the terms that I use to discuss how I see the world.

(E.g. there are now entries for "material thing," "matter," "liquid," "volume," and stuff like that. This might seem really superfluous or overkill, but

1) My understanding of these things isn't synced with whatever the contemporary dictionary definition of these things is, so having my "locally scoped" definition is handy. (Nerd perspective: imagine if you read a novel that was enclosed in a giant (let ...) statement that provided a definition for nearly every noun and verb used in the text.)

2) Within the communities I'm a part of, parents are starting to express an interest in having me involve myself in teaching their kids about certain things, and being able to pull up notes on electrical resistance alongside my notes about about the effects of rainfall on soil.

3) Honestly? A lot of this stuff /isn't/ written down in a clear way on the Web, that connects between itself in a clear manner, that isn't explicitly beholden to another purpose than "teaching." E.g. Wikipedia has to prioritize its editing process, clickfarms have to prioritize their profits.

4) It inspires introspection of my own beliefs and conceptions. If I define "surface" as related to geometry, why am I using it to discuss hierarchy in this post? That's not the right language, I'm using metaphors habituated by a culture that centers domination and hierarchy, so I change it.

5) Who am I to judge that my concept of "youth pedagogy" is more important to my perspective on the world than my concept of "liquid," unless I explore both concepts?

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