The more I use Org-roam and stuff to take my notes, the more I really think that it might be a great tool for you, @alcinnz

I see the weave of topics between your posts, and I feel like you'd also love developing kind of a personal encyclopedia/bibliography

(Part of this is because I want to weave that into my own tapestry, and I'm not fast enough to capture all the threads I find across the Web myself >_<)

@emsenn I'll make sure to check it out sometime soon! I do need to manage bookmarks better!

Like in that latest Rhapsode blogpost I clearly remember reading about eBay using a network timing attack to figure out which ports were open on your computer, but I couldn't find that link so I wrote "[citation needed]".

P.S. If you've noticed an uptick in climate breakdown & accessability links, that's because I've recently subscribed to some new feeds... Thanks for the former!

@alcinnz I wondered if you were posting hothouse because I'd linked you to it! <3

@alcinnz I'm often livestreaming (in a closed room) my screen as i work with my notes; seeing that might help more than reading about it, if you've ever got a hankering to see feel free to DM and if I'm aorund i'll shoot you the link

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