Okay new PSA:

If you are in the U.S. or Canada, and identify /at all/ with "the Left," you /really/ should be reading all the news that comes out of Chiapas, Mexico. The region is the largest stable autonomous zone on the planet, controlled and protected by the Zapatistas. As such, it is a place where many of your theories are practiced, and things you've never even considered are also practiced. They routinely release updates about what they're working on and the political situation in the area. is one solid website with English translations.

@emsenn TY for the link

Time to save that for a longer reading session


@kemonine not a reading session, part of your news reading, routinely.

@emsenn have to get caught up and understanding before i add it to the regular news rotation...

i have a feeling context will be important

@kemonine Sure, but I'm saying it's context that should already be really familiar, and so you are playing an immense game of catch-up that won't be assisted by putting up artificial barriers around gaining the information.

And these barriers are in multiple places, e.g. viewing the autonomy of the Zapatistas through the lens of American beverage corporations is, quite obviously, an America-centric view of the world that makes the Zapatistas reactionary to Coke, not the other way around. Before you've even learned the context, you've put it into a context that makes it more familiar and comfortable - and then used that familiarity to discount the original premise because it wasn't "surprising."

(I tried finding some reading for you on "white surprise" and why it's so problematic and then realized I'd rather spend time teaching kids how to garden so went and did that.)

Your context, your emotionalism, it's all utterly irrelevant to the situation, and demanding they be met as needs prior to engagement is a demand of a priori assimilation of the very episteme of these situations into colonial bias.

Dive into the reading today; let your confusion guide your learning, but don't try and take the reins so early on! eesh

@emsenn 🤔

"let your confusion guide your learning"

I shall. RSS feed added to my reader.

"I'd rather spend time teaching kids how to garden"


@emsenn Is that Subcommande Marcos? Remember hearing about him 10-20 years ago?

@jenalyze i think they're still prolific yes but not the only voice being represented.

@emsenn I've recently started up my RSS feed reader again, so I'll add this to my news! ^_^

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