I am currently looking for housing in the Triangle, North Carolina, because my home has become unsafe. Ideally for about three months, but shorter-term works too.

Boosts encouraged, more details to folllow when I can.

So, since last march my partner and I ran a free market in front of our apartment, in the building I work in: we'd pick up food from local sources and just, give it away. No sign-up, no paperwork, just come get food if you need it. We even made sure it was out at night, and there was no surveillance.

Now, my boss (the building owner) has said COVID is over, things need to go back to normal, and they gave me an afternoon to get rid of the free market...

...and my garden.


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The plants mostly went to friends, and what didn't, went to BIPOC medicineworkers, which is line with things, but still, it was heartbreaking. We had to give up strawberry plants that I'd gotten to celebrate my partners birthday. Plants I'd gotten as gifts from the community for doing the mutual aid work.

With things going back to normal, my boss started having their brother-in-law come around to work on maintenance that had been deferred a decade. 2/n

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Their brother-in-law is super racist: has called me slurs, told me I was illiterate because I'm an Indigenous, meant to do "slave labour," just all sorts of racist stuff. And in the past he's shoved me and grabbed my arm and stuff. All very very unprofessional behavior.

(Why didn't I report this? A shit job is better than no job... to a point.)


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Yesterday their brother-in-law said that "if" I was affiliated with a mutual aid group he *knows* I am, he was going to shoot me. Rumor says he's brandished a firearm before, but no one reported it. (Let's not get into a conversation about systematic underreporting of crimes committing by white people against BIPOC people.) He also brags about having killed an anarchist in the past - one that I know is missing and has been for a decade.


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As soon as the conversation in which he delivered the threat was over, I began moving my partner out of the space and they slept elsewhere last night, all safe. (And now they've got our cat with them.)

I'm somewhere else tonight. Stressed about how this situation will move forward, VERY frustrated that this all blew up just months before my family was planning on moving to another state.

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update: the door to our home was opened sometime late last night or early this morning. boss and contractor insist they didnt do it but it would be fine if they did, and seem to have spent a fair part of today around the building, definitely not going into my home when im not there, but explaining to every tenant that their contractor always is threatening people but he's "safe"

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@emsenn when you have spoons to immediate is your need, and what sort of space would be ideal?

Do you have stuff that needs storage, is it more than just you, any pets...?

@eryn just me and a couple backpacks. A bedroom with bathroom access would be ideal, but I think I could borrow a vehicle to sleep in if I had the place to park it. I'm needing to coordinate when I can actually leave because I have applications to stay at the building because of my job

If you're desperate, I might be able to let you crash in the basement for a bit. I'll need to talk to my nesting partners about it first tho. There's not really a whole lot in terms of living accommodations down there but there's a good amount of space and you'd be able to use the bath/shower upstairs.

Oh and we have a well-equipped (at least compared to my previous apartment in Starkville) kitchen so you'd be able to cook too

@emsenn there's an instance for your area run by @autumn who I am cc'ing for local help!

@t54r4n1 @autumn that's so cool that we have an instance for the region thanks so much for setting that up!

@emsenn @t54r4n1 Thanks for connecting us! I sent a DM with a possible lead.

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