I recently finished one of the largest beadwork pieces I've done, a medallion showing 8 blue and white lightning bolts against a green background around a blue and white center, giving a visual impression of a sun in negative colours, titled, "water is life is change."

The folk I get beads from have been seeing supply shortages, but recently restocked so I'll be restocking, myself. If anyone wants to send money to offset that expense, it'd be much appreciated.

I ran out of space in the original post (I guess my instance has 500 character posts right now), but to answer the common question: No I do not sell beadwork or make myself available for commissions. I make what I make and I only ever give them away. There are lots of other Indigenous folk who do that sort of work, but I lost my list of who a couple months back and havent rebuilt it.

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@matera Oooh even better! Do you know what sort they are? I mostly use size 11/0 seed beads but I've been playing with other sorts more and more recently.

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