I talk a lot about how most people live in resource overshoot, more and more depending on how close you are to the hearts of settler-colonialism.

Part of why we, individuals, are able to do this is because the cost of our way of life is hidden from us to the point of being erased, by subsidies and market manipulation.

According to this report, fossil fuels receive an injection of roughly $11,000,000 a minute in order to maintain their low prices for our society.


That number seems big but think about this:

Jeff Bezos is really harmful to society, right, even though most of his money is just in investments, not like, actively being used to burn oil as fast as possible?

He's only receiving about $150,000 a minute, or roughly 1.5% of the resources oil gets.

Put another way, oil receives 66x more in funding than Jeff Bezos... just in donations from governments and banks!!


Our dependency on petroleum, as a conglomeration of societies, cannot be over-emphasized.

be honest with yourself now:

Which do you think and complain more about:

- Jeff Bezos
- Global petroleum subsidies


Now I want you to start now, and count the seconds until the first time you see something influenced by Jeff Bezos.

Do the same for petroleum.

I bet you couldn't go a second without seeing something influenced by petroleum (how did the material goods in your house get to it? How did the house get made?)

I bet whatever you saw influenced by Bezos... also involved lots of petroleum. His shipping containers are made with it, moved with it.

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