Are you aware of the Indigenous-led protests outside the White House that have been occurring daily since Indigenous Peoples Day on the 11th? There's been more than 400 arrests, some violence from police, but in asking folk, I realized literally no one around me knows that there's essentially an Indigenous-led, climate-focused, Occupy, in DC, right now.

this has 80 votes already which is a lot for a poll from me, if folk who boosted see it and wouldnt mind reboosting to get more votes thatd be cool.

shared the inprogress poll with native friends who tbh feel better knowing its not just their feeling.

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@emsenn phone won’t let me vote (or see the poll), so I don’t know if a single data point outside the poll will help.

No, I wasn’t aware until now. Thank you.

@emsenn I did know there was a protest on the Indigenous Peoples Day, but I didn't know they stayed.

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