I think I'm gonna call it: the big shift in framing after COP26 is going to be into "the race to..." carbon neutral, or net zero, or whatever. Space Race nationalist propaganda that'll have us jovially competing with Western nations and viciously threatened by others.

The framing will move from existential threat to the norm of progress into the future, and this'll limit the advantage radicals have in leveraging climate change.

With statists re-focused on doing better than others, not doing well enough to survive, the pot is back off the heat for a bit. They want things simmering, not rolling - don't wanna break the sauce!


Just gonna toss these images here, so there is no confusion about what is really going on in this "race" between the West and the Other.

Also, heard from COP26, the EU increased funding for its border patrol by 2300% in, like, the last decade.


You might like this essay.


To fight the climate crisis we probably should spend less time debating dispassionate policy choices and more time talking about morality and ethics.


@alienghic You might like checking my profile for more than this post!

Advocating for a universalist ethics is anti-indigenous by way of assimilation, so I'm about as disinterested in that conversation as I am the nuances of policy.

In fact, what I am trying to say is a warning to folk like you: Watch out, soon your secular humanism is going to be lauded as one of the technologies that is helping move you into the future, and may be abused to facilitate the genocide of the Global South.

@alienghic sapiens.org/culture/humo-luden

Maybe I'm projecting, but I'd quicker guess I'm getting out ahead of the gate: I hear the ethical arguments a lot, and they rely on viewing my culture as primitive and lesser, even if the folk making them haven't interrogated them enough to see it.

@alienghic I want you to reconsider whether you want to send resources to BIPOC people that include claims like, "The anti-slavery movement only took off once white people in Europe and America began to see people of African descent not as property but as people."


Western colonialists realizing that maybe it is wrong to be enslaving people was pretty helpful for reducing slavery since they were the ones doing the majority of the enslaving.

There were some slave uprisings but they weren't able to widely spread and at least Haiti is still being punished for winning their freedom 200 years ago.

@alienghic within this message you have all the information to question this information!

if colonials still punish the slaves who freed themselves, did they really move past slavery, or did they just change how it works in response to, as they would see it, market forces?

That is, it was not a moral decision to abolish slavery, but an economic decision to reform it.


@alienghic The morality narrative reshapes and provides a foundation for historical progressivism, which is a belief held central even under variations of colonialism like marxism, an implementation of Cartesian dualism through a misapplication of a rven-then debunked perspective on biological evolution that was used to create whiteness.

hope that's informative sorry for typos


what do you mean by the misapplication of a "rven-then" debunked?

I wasn't able to decipher that.



I'd viewed it as there were some people who viewed slavery as an evil and worked to abolish it.

But their victory was not complete, and the slavers with their stunted empathy found new ways to hide and continue their colonial extraction.

@alienghic It is, in my experience, a very common narrative in Western stories, of a goodness casting out a badness. The narrative requisites a power that can be shared, which gives a foundation for the Western power struggle.

Re: rven-then, I meant "even-then," as in, even at the time it was being misapplied to social theory, biologists had already moved past it.

(I'm referring to Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest, which was misapplied (the context of *environmental* fitness was removed), and had already been countered by theories of biological mutualism.


*sigh* Europeans started trying warp evolution into their social & economic hierarchies right from the beginning.

Even Darwin himself though each creature was adapted to it's niche. It was a mistake from the very beginning to refer to "higher" and "lower" creatures.

@alienghic look they had an economy to run they cant be bothered with things like listening!

beside when all you do is run an economy, everything sounds like economics, anyway.


I have a separate theory to trash (many) economists.

The economists who get to be on TV and publish op-eds tend to be the ones who make up justifications for why the rich should stay rich.

(It's like a more mathematical whitewashing of the Christian Prosperity Theology which claims if you're rich it must be because God is blessing you and therefore keep doing what you're doing)

These excuses are mostly the rich are mostly buying indulgences for being terrible people.

@emsenn One last thing before I go and work on dinner.

Thank you for talking.


Sorry. No offense meant.

With just a boosted post it's hard to know a persons background context.

I can leave you alone now if you'd like.

For what it's worth as far as I can tell a number of American indigenous cultures were leaders among humanity at working with ecosystems.

Western cultures were mostly just highly skilled at killing people and taking their stuff.

@alienghic I trust you did not intend to offend, no worries! <3

I would encourage you to switch from past to present tense when speaking of Indigenous cultures: there are Indigenous people right now in jail in DC for protesting against oil pipelines, while their cousins grow wild rice, while their elders sit with politicians. We work with our environment, that's true.


That's a good point. I can order popcorn directly from the Lakota.

And there was this paper.
"Biodiversity highest on Indigenous-managed lands"

Actually do you have any information about the Indigenous lead DC protests? Even being relatively connected to global warming activists I hadn't heard very much of what was going on there.

Just calls to stop the line 3 pipeline.

@alienghic sorry i mostly talk to friends so don't know who is sharing much public.


A gigantic challenge of social networks is the "context collapse". Unlike socializing in person where you know all the participants, any fool can just wander into your conversation on semi-public networks.

I mostly use social media for the political purpose of trying to lobby for maybe not destroying large swaths of the worlds ecosystems so may butt in more than is liked.


Also I'd really like to see this book. "In a remarkable chapter, they describe the encounter between early French arrivals in North America, primarily Jesuit missionaries, and a series of Native intellectuals—individuals who had inherited a long tradition of political conflict and debate and who had thought deeply and spoke incisively on such matters as “generosity, sociability, material wealth, crime, punishment and liberty.”"


@alienghic I was fortunate enough to get to read this in advance and I am concerned about how it will be interpreted by colonials, but as a text itself, I think it is very strong and can be used for good things.


Wow that's cool! (The getting to read an advance copy)

And it's a pretty safe bet there will be people will try to misinterpret it to fit their world view.

@emsenn @alienghic I would like to hear more about your concern of how the book would be misinterpreted at some point if you get the chance


Despite its emphasize that universal history is a construct of whiteness, people will use it to amend their universal history, basically.


(I am also not looking forward to people believing things about Indigenous cultures/histories that they have called me an ignorant savage for believing, because now it is written in English and published by colonials.)

@emsenn @technomancy

I can't do much about other people, but I can personally learn more.

And capitalism/colonialism continues to destroy the world so I keep trying to find out if anyone has any ideas how to break it.

@alienghic I think that is a very good perspective for someone to go out looking at information with, but as I learn more, I'm learning its important that we maintain a flexibility about what colonialism looks like, and where it lives. There's a lot of colonialism in my cognition that I need to break apart, every day, all day. @technomancy

@emsenn @technomancy

The link between capitalism and colonialism kind of puzzles me.

Are they two words for the same thing? Is one a goal and the other a method?

The two of them certainly keep showing up together over and over and over.

@alienghic There's legit like 150 years of theory on this topic but I think reading Fanon is a great place for folk who aren't familiar with colonialism as a discrete concept to get oriented, if they're into reading.

Capitalism is an socioeconomic model under which private individuals own equity in the means of production and land of an the economized society.

Colonialism is a social order under which a central authority extracts value from its subjects. This value may be extracted through a variety of mechanisms, one of which is capitalism.

That might help or really muddy things, lol @technomancy

@emsenn @technomancy

I've seen some claims that one of the big connection is that the alleged "private individuals" were really just the already existing European nobility who were looking for new ways to expand their current pile of money into an even larger pile of money.

Certainly the original European conquerors showed up funded by royalty to loot the Americas.

Also the claims that capitalism is different from mercantalism because of no government intervention is ludicrous.

@emsenn @technomancy

Also I only recently connected that Marx's the communist manifesto was writing before the USA's civil war. When he was talking about workers and their chains, he was being quite literal about those chains.

(Not to mention that Victorian factories were pretty wretched for workers as well).

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"Responsability" (in percentage) ..

YAY, iiiiiitt's fiiinnger pointing time !

Let me guess : rich = not fair ; poor = extremely fair.

The bias is even written in the calculus itself...

Who printed that ?

OOOOH the lancet. Has to be great science, no doubt.

It takes so many geniuses to quetion NEGATIVE responsability percentages in a GLOBAL issue...

Hey, peeps ! Let it be clear, we computed it : I'm -29% responsible in King's Louis XVI death.



Looking at a single year's data is the definition of selection bias.

If you can show me you have personally advocated that France release Haiti and all former colonies from any financial obligations, and must pay reparations, I will have a conversation with you about which nations may be culpable for what.

But if you haven't done that:




I was reacting to the lack of actual science in the map published by the Lancet.

I'm sorry though : at the time I posted, I did not realize it it was your work .


About your demand : this is a federated social network. I can speak freely and anonymously.

I don't have to authenticate, nor prove anything about me.

What I say has to be taken for what it says, full stop.

I know : it's difficult, but you'll get used to it. It's called Internet.

@e_jambon "I am allowed to act toward you in ways you have requested I do not, because of how my society chooses to use a technology."

That is literally just white supremacy, you absolute asshat.


Maybe you're actually the author of that piece of shit map you posted, in which case it comes to no surprise that you can't handle contradiction either.

Else, learn to read.

But please, feel free to call me whatever name you see fit ... if it helps you I'm fine with it.

Just don't ask my name and pedigree so you can just do the same regardless of what I actually said.

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