Hey French and American folk:

Unless you are actively involved in advocating that your state make reparations to Haiti (and other slave colonies), you need to shut the *fuck* up about who might be culpable for climate change.

You took Haiti's topsoil for sugar to prop up your aristocracy, put them in debt when they fought for liberation, invaded them *repeatedly*, stole their material wealth, blockaded their ports, and continue to abuse their people through colonizer NGOs.

If it were *just* Haiti, y'all would be culpable. But it isn't. You genocided, burnt, mined, lumbered, farmed, the Earth to dust, stealing it all back to your own lands for your own enjoyment.

Fuck off.

You wanna see how openly colonialism still is practiced?

Ever seen a settler say to use spent coffee grounds on their garden because it's good fertilizer?

...Okay now think on that a moment.

*Where* did the grounds come from? *Why* is it good fertilizer?

Your coffee is the stolen wealth of those you subjugate, no metaphor.

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