Are you scared of the new COVID variant?

I want you to take a close look at any investment accounts you have. Are you invested in any company which holds intellectual property related to COVID testing, tracking, treatment, or vaccination?

You fucked yourself, and us too, you petite/bourgeoisie shitheel.

(Boost; do not let the people who are guilty of this atrocity escape their culpability.)

"but i need those investments to retire!"

No, you do not need to be a capitalist to survive being unable to work. Capitalism is what makes it impossible to survive being unable to work. Further, it is *fucked up* to say you are so entitled to a life of leisure in your later years, a global pandemic is morally justifiable.

Own your failures, and try and do better.

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@emsenn for anyone with an index funds, this also includes you
Moderna is listed on the nasdaq 100 and both pfizer and moderna are in the s&p 500
(Along with companies like amazon, kinder morgan, chevron and other shit like that)

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