This succulent was just quietly growing under some rotting birch leaves all winter, apparently. I found it growing wild in a big of town landscaping so snagged a few leaves from it and put them in this ltitle tray, and completely forgot about them.

Such a nice surprise!

(see more photos from my garden today at

Here's how much food me and my partner just rescued from a local market. Just one market, just today.

Bringing this back required me jogging back home from the store, twice, because our car was too full.

This work is available for folk to do in their own communities too - where I live, and my capabilities as a human animal, are not unique.

That people do not spend their time on these efforts, /do/ spend their time at a dayjob, /do/ invest the profits of that dayjob into oil and real estate, and /still/ feel entitled to bicker with me about the moral risks of people trying anything different, is what I think makes me most angry at the Web.

Y'all just feel totally entitled to reply-guy practicing anarcho-mutualists because your institutional advantage gives your gut-reactions and hunches more power in our society than my wisdom and experience. It is /fucked up/ for you to take advantage of that. Check your goddamn privilege.

Here's an image showing the map of ~35 days of note-taking.

There are approximately 1,500 records reflected here, representing ~600,000 words of writing captured from the Web and books and ~60,000 words of original note-taking.

dehydrated powdered cranberry.

still have more blueberries and apples to process, and then might get to potatoes if its still cold out and we haven't gotten more perishables.

(what's cool is seeing this in the long tradition of my people drying fruits to save for when they're more scarce,.)

uncaptioned screenshot of text 

Random clip from the graph of my personal records catalog.

An associate of my partner made them this Pride gnome for the winter holidays.

Isn't that so cool?

@emacsomancer (and @takeonrules and others)

I can't write it up right now but you might enjoy this screenshot demonstrating how I have a page and word count on my frontpage.

This word-count is inaccurate, as it includes all Org-mode markup as a word as well, But, I /did/ write those words too, and often no more automatically than the paragraphs!


I don't often have a camera around but here's a photo of one of the meals that's available for free here today at the cottenboro gaz.

vegan... indian... something? @WanderingBeekeeper would know better than me, lol!

the person who cooks these so clearly does it with love and it's always soooo delicious :3

un-transcribed screenshot of text 

Even without CSS and further tweaking, this is looking really promising!

I'm so excited about being able to like, maintain a hypertext journal/encyclopedia and make it (mostly) publicly accessible.

I recognize my language is unusually precise and jargon-y, and so being able to accommodate that in a useful way feels very empowering.

a few days later, many more stars in my digital garden, uh, rather boldly mix metaphors.

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I've been playing with Org-roam the past few days.

Here's a screenshot of the map of my notes, if I take out the daily journal entries and meta-pages like indexes.

settler-colonial: you can't live outside capitalism or else it might hurt you *goes back to spending life working for capitalists so they don't get evicted, starved, and brutalized by cops*

indigenous peoples globally: *are 8% of the human population, occupy 25% of the planet, and maintain 80% of the biodiversity*

me: *haven't paid for food since march, have distributed literally hundred of planets, a couple dozen of tons of food, distributed many many pounds of herbal medicine, all produced from seed, never inside capitalism, and literally even get my apparel provided to me by people who grew the fiber, spun it, and wove it, outside of capitalism*

Like, goddamn. Settler-colonials have such a strong faith in hopelessness that they will erase nearly a tenth of human activity as impossible.

Indigenous people in Borneo and the Amazon are fighting on the frontlines of planetary-defense, but they can't fend off the global extraction economy alone. Very soon, this will be a world without orangutans and jaguars if we don't address the destructive roots of the dominant culture. For those of us in the centers of capitalist civilization, our role is to attack the heart of that world-destroying economy.

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Welcome to the Native Reclamation of Turtle Island

Ecosteader is a community dedicated to survival of indigenous languages, artists, native plants, water protectors, land defenders. Decolonize food. Decolonize medicine. Decolonize housing. Decolonize the ¨USA¨ from European settlements, monuments, statues, and accounting systems that DO NOT BELONG on Turtle Island. Decolonize the delusions of the white man and his fascistbook.