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Today, November 14, 2019, Ecosteader B Corp is pleased to announce the release of our math helper for data science:

$ cat vector calculus

Note: 1/0 is not valid; only 1/API includes documentation.


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"In tribal gynocratic systems a multitude of personality and character types can function positively within the social order because the systems are focused on social responsibility rather than on denial-based social fictions to which human beings are compelled to conform by powerful individuals within the society"

"4. The physical and cultural genocide of American Indian tribes is and was mostly about patriarchal fear of gynocracy. The [insert western Christian denominations] missionaries ... could not tolerate peoples who allowed women to occupy prominent positions and decision-making capacity at every level of society."

"In the centuries since the first attempts at colonization in the 1500s, the invaders have exerted every effort to remove Indian women from every position of authority, to obliterate all records pertaining to gynocratic social systems, and to ensure that no American and few Americans would remember that gynocracy was the primary social of Indian America prior to 1800."

"6. Western studies of American Indian tribal systems are erroneous at base because they view tribalism from the cultural basis of patriarchy and thus either discount, degrade, or conceal gynocratic features or re-contextualize those features so that they will appear patriarchal."

All quotes from _The Sacred Hoop_, a compilation of essays by Paula G. Allen

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Why get off corporate social media? Because it's plastered with lies and advertisements, with insidious garbage trying to brainwash, distract, and detract you from what's really important.

We just had the largest marches in the world, and Ecosteader still has almost no voice.

Twitter is a cesspool of diarrhea... it is the kind of still-warm, "MAGA" maggot-breeding diarrhea that gushes from orifices of a doomed TRE45ONIST man wrapped up so tightly in his doom that he fears everything: even little children from Mexico. He is a monster.

Facebook is cancer, a toxic sludge of radioactive waste that wants to suck you into perpetual unhappiness and discontent. Even your best intents to, say, donate to worthy causes are being siphoned off to feed the delusional money beasts: payment processing fees to feed the greed of the sneering techbros who think they are entitled to take a piece of this and a chunk of that to just "buy" whatever they want with all their money.

Zuck tried to buy his own paradise in Hawaii, but Hawaii said NO.

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My day job is writing documentation for developers who work in what is perhaps the most hyped buzz phrase industry today: Artificial Intelligence.

Those who work in AI know that really, it is just a fancy way of saying math. Computers can do math astoundingly fast (this is AKA Machine Learning), which means they can distinguish patterns astoundingly fast. The application of a "known" pattern to a new scenario to achieve a predictable and desired result is the gist of what most AI does.

Conversely, nature has what is more aptly described as "Natural" Intelligence. Every single plant that bursts with seed pods has inherent engineering to maximize success for that plant's "known" pattern ... it rallies and sometimes flocks with others of its kind to further ensure that its cycle can repeat itself and sustain its unique imprint of and on life.

Of course, we can honor their efforts with more

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Sustainable vs Non-Sustainable:

It comes down to a question of renewable vs non-renewable. Only resources are sustainable; this is why there's no such thing as "clean coal". There never was. What the monsters in Republican governments (local, state, and federal) lie to you about is everything. Why do you elect liars to lead you? They gleefully destroy what the planet takes Billions of years to form. Their destruction spells your doom.

We [do not need to recreate the smog and pollution crisis of the 70's to know]( that renewable resource energy is the better way to plan for future energy needs. Stop drilling in Alaska; stop everything the TRE45ONists are doing.

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Community projects "greenlit" in NY State.

"Community solar ... allows households to receive the benefits of solar energy without having to install panels on a rooftop. Roughly half of residences in the U.S. can’t host a solar installation because the occupants don’t own the property, or the roof is too old, too shady, or faces the wrong way for optimal sun exposure. Community solar eliminates these issues. Instead of buying and installing solar panels on a home or property, a person can subscribe to a portion of a large solar project nearby, often with a number of other people who live in the area. A portion of the electricity generated by these projects gets credited directly to a subscriber’s utility bill and the subscriber typically gets a discount on their total electricity costs. "

The first two episodes of this series (2013) on OPB (PDX area PBS station) tonight:

"Pilgrims & Tourists"
"Profit & Loss"
"Fire & Ice"

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With all shared pop culture now being owned by a handful of megacorps, maybe it's time people started deliberately making more open source characters anyone can use and build on.
Like slender Man, but for every genere.

I mean, we already have all of mythology and 19th century litrature characters,
But I would love to see entirely new stuff. The return of cultural stories. Collective folk characters for the current world.

#opensource #litrature #folkstories #mythology #copyleft

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Fascinating post on some of the unusual structures you can sometimes see on some cactus. In short, the 'strange growths' are the actual adult reproductive form of the plant, while the usual spiny part is the juvenile part.

#Biology #Plants #Cactus #Reproduction

Pemmican mentioned in this volume as well (on other pages); this was interesting:

is not that hard and composting to keep valuable plant nutrients out of landfills is important. I am still bleeping astonished that the company that owns this (and at least 7+ other old high-rent apartment buildings in Portland) is so fucking (whoops, forgot the bleeps on this one) stupid and ignorant.

As the nation becomes more and more suffocated by the greedy and , sometimes you've gotta be brave and tell it like it is... even if you're just a tenant.

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More extreme weather; this time in .

A blizzard dumping 7+ feet of snow with hurricane force winds? It's called a 'bombogenesis' cyclone, and Iceland is experiencing one right now:

"150-190 km/h gusts (W-NW Iceland) – conditions worsening tonight with close to 250 km/h gusts in SE parts of Iceland tomorrow"

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if anyone has #serivceDog etiquette questions, feel free to ask! Even if it's really silly sounding! DM me if you'd prefer. It's much better for ya to "bother" me here in cyberspace than bother someone out there in meatspace, and it's really not a bother to me here. It IS a bother to me out there though.

Example one: Don't yell out or even go on about doggo wearing boots/shoes. We know, we put them on, we probably even trained them to wear boots in the first place

#disabilityLifestyle #qanda

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Can't make it? Then let's discuss it here!

1. What is the colonial history of your region? Who occupied these lands before the establishment of the current borders & national government?

2. What does anti-colonial struggle look like in your area? Are there any active anti-colonial struggles going on?

3. What projects are people here currently engaged with that could benefit from applying more of an anti-colonial lens? What would this actually look like in practice… aside from just token acknowledgement?

4. What are some of the practical things that non-Indigenous activists should know about when working with Indigenous groups, or in Indigenous-led campaigns?

5. What financial institutions, politicians, or corporations based in your community are supporting the destruction of Wet’suwet’en lands?

6. What are some ways of demonstrating material support for the Unis’tot’en and Wet’suwet’en? How can you support Wet’suwet’en sovereignty from your stand?

Our friends in Australia are still experiencing extreme .

Just did the math: currently
382,200 hectares, or over 1475 square miles (!!) are burning "out of control" ... the NWS website has only two categories of fires: "controlled" and "out of control". While most of the N Hemisphere heads into winter, their summer is only starting.

It's bad. :earthstrike:

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This #SunDIY I started making some bibs and repotted this mint which survived the aphids. I’ll put a step-by-step for the bib-making in the replies.

Tip for anyone with elderly cats:

Move their water dish(es) closer to where they rest / sleep. Hydration is important! An old man kitty I know has his water right on the coffee table near the couch where he sleeps.


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"Animals in places with a long history of disturbances are relatively resilient, the researchers found. Species that have existed in stable habitats for thousands of years are far more sensitive."

#Forests #Conservation #Environment

Authorities on mental health have concerns about the increasingly-dangerous and destructive tendencies of man on trial for Impeachment:

"Bandy X. Lee, a professor of psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine and president of the World Mental Health Organization, has spoken out about the president's mental health for years. She is the editor of "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President" and convened a conference on Trump's mental health at Yale in 2017.

Lee, along with Dr. John Zinner and Dr. Jerrold Post of George Washington University and more than 400 signatories, is leading a petition to the Judiciary Committee urging lawmakers to consider the views of mental health experts as they examine the possible criminality behind the Ukraine scandal.

The petition calls for the committee to enter a statement from the mental health professionals into the official record.

"Failing to monitor or to understand the psychological aspects, or discounting them, could lead to catastrophic outcomes," the statement warns. "For these reasons, we implore Congress to take these danger signs seriously and to constrain his destructive impulses. We and many others are available to give important relevant recommendations as well as to educate the public so that we can maximize our collective safety."

Lee told Salon that there's a tendency to see such warnings as hyperbolic "before things happen — and after things happen, people just assume that things have already happened and so they know how dangerous the president is."

When health of a system ( )
is being harmed more than helped

Evidence like this:

really is the secret weapon against climate change.

Moved into a building of apartment dwellers, and it makes me sad, angry and sickened whenever I see the "garbage" dumpster overflowing w/recyclables, compostable food waste, or some mixture thereof.

There are two large dumpster-sized bins down there: one for trash, one for recyclables, and one small bin for glass.

People can't take two seconds to sort their trash into recyclables and not?

And what about
? You know, basic kitchen waste? These (evil F*$&!^G) landlords will hire guys to noise pollute with fossil-fueled leafblowers and chainsaws to cut tree debris, but they won't provide anywhere residents can put compostable waste?


... story originally posted by a bot I made (from code by the brilliant @darius )
on the Natural Resources Defense Council's RSS feed.

The bot can be followed via:


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