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"Nature is so complex and its interactions so dynamic that the idea that science could ever understand it all is utterly laughable. We can understand the more simple things that we do to interfere with it: to degrade it, to wreck it. But we can never understand it. It is beyond our comprehension.

The Indian cultures that I know have said that nature is a great mystery. It is so complex, so great, so above us, that we should never be so arrogant to think that we can understand even a little bit of it. But we can understand our nature. We can understand the profit motive. We can understand wrong thinking." ~John Mohawk

"Clear Thinking: A Positive Solitary View of Nature" Bioneers conference 1999

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She wrote also of Indians in : "... different in details and identical in intent and disastrous effect to that of Indians in the United States"

Nevertheless, themes of survival persist:

"2. Indians endure -- both in the sense of living through something so complete in its destructiveness that the mere presence of survivors is a testament to the human will to survive and in the sense of duration or longevity. Tribal systems have been operating in the "new world" for several hundred thousand years. It is unlikely that a few hundred years of colonization will see their undoing." (Introduction)

We can tell by who the whiteman elected Prezzy prez, that their sense of dread must be growing day by day.

"The acts of aggression committed against every aspect of American Indian life and society over the centuries-- what the Aztecs foresaw as Nine Hells or Nine Descents --have left indelible, searing scars on the minds and spirits of the native peoples on this continent. But voices of the spirits that inform Native America are being heard in every region.

The oral tradition, from which the contemporary poetry and fiction take their significance and authenticity, has, since contact with white people, been a major force in Indian resistance." (p. 53)

"Contemporary Indian communities value individual members who are deeply connected to the traditional ways of their people, even after centuries of concerted and brutal effort on the part of the American government, the churches, and the corporate system to break the connections between individuals and their tribal world. In short, Indians think it is important to remember, while Americans believe it is important to forget." (p. 210)

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Why get off corporate social media? Because it's plastered with lies and advertisements, with insidious garbage trying to brainwash, distract, and detract you from what's really important.

We just had the largest marches in the world, and Ecosteader still has almost no voice.

Twitter is a cesspool of diarrhea... it is the kind of still-warm, "MAGA" maggot-breeding diarrhea that gushes from orifices of a doomed TRE45ONIST man wrapped up so tightly in his doom that he fears everything: even little children from Mexico. He is a monster.

Facebook is cancer, a toxic sludge of radioactive waste that wants to suck you into perpetual unhappiness and discontent. Even your best intents to, say, donate to worthy causes are being siphoned off to feed the delusional money beasts: payment processing fees to feed the greed of the sneering techbros who think they are entitled to take a piece of this and a chunk of that to just "buy" whatever they want with all their money.

Zuck tried to buy his own paradise in Hawaii, but Hawaii said NO.

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My day job is writing documentation for developers who work in what is perhaps the most hyped buzz phrase industry today: Artificial Intelligence.

Those who work in AI know that really, it is just a fancy way of saying math. Computers can do math astoundingly fast (this is AKA Machine Learning), which means they can distinguish patterns astoundingly fast. The application of a "known" pattern to a new scenario to achieve a predictable and desired result is the gist of what most AI does.

Conversely, nature has what is more aptly described as "Natural" Intelligence. Every single plant that bursts with seed pods has inherent engineering to maximize success for that plant's "known" pattern ... it rallies and sometimes flocks with others of its kind to further ensure that its cycle can repeat itself and sustain its unique imprint of and on life.

Of course, we can honor their efforts with more

white people point at the seven days of genesis and say "light! just like the big bang! science!"

meanwhile the lakhota oral history kept our memory of the mammoths dying and the ice age things that white folk still don't really believe happened if you push them on it

Indigenous empires were feeding cities of millions for generations, on a fraction of the land, without destroying the Earth to do so. And then white people arrived and oh no! Everything died?! Gosh I Wonder Why ๐Ÿค”

"Oh, indians are too stupid to be able to use their land correctly... they NEED our HELP" this type of narrative can and has been applied to colonized people acrossed the world.

These places are rich in resources, but the extraction by "first world" countries of said resources is what leads to events like mass starvation or spreads of disease or lack of access to drinking water. These are not accidental processes or things that happen at the fault of colonized peoples. They are manufactured.

Indigenous peoples' rights:

Use a trailing apostrophe. Ownership belongs to the different peoples.

There are many peoples, and they each have different languages. That they had unification before wasicu arrived is apparent by evidence in carbon dating; artifacts (artefacts) and techniques in tools (spearpoints, pottery, baskets, clothing, and the most advanced methods of shelter construction) in the fossil and other records indicate substantial evidence.

Tmgwati'gnej's said to have told a story once, and in (with) Algonquin attention to detail.

Was the tmgwati'gnej in fanno creek this day rightfully concerned?

The low-latitude frost line today saving lives.

Also: adding another update on the long-term gauges, for thread-friendlier reading pattern matching.

this is a good bit, i wouldn't even be mad if one of y'all did this

The entities who want to create and control a "police state" -- to either intentionally or inadvertently make excessive money for oligarchs -- are pushing a political ideology of fascism.

Often the oligarchs are domestic corporations (or cartels of corporations) that, like zombies, are for all practical purposes dead. They are dead and have no future; they cannot compete against the small innovators and "out of the box" thinkers who have recovered.

Any unsustainable practice (drilling oil, fracking gas, mining, to name a few) is by definition UNSUSTAINABLE. It is mathematically impossible to sustain an unsustainable business, no matter what side of the globe you're on.

Society can and should collectively oppose and dismantle those bankrupt bad ideas.

Fascists are angry and fearful.
They make help books for that.

Another plant from the hikes w/the niece and nephew last year has been identified.

"From seed, Lilium columbianum requires three to five years to mature."

"Coast Salish, Nuu-chah-nulth and most western Washington peoples steamed, boiled or pit-cooked its bulbs. Bitter or peppery-tasting, they were mostly used as a flavoring, often in soup with meat or fish"

v1.1 instruction set to make a hydroponic planter from a 2L soda bottle.
These are actually crazy effective, the soil stays at a perfect moisture level and you only have to refill the reservoir once or twice a week.
Feedback on useability/readability/design very welcome.

Schrรถdinger's igloo.

Plot twist: Schrรถdinger's igloos create frozen time wormholes, If and only if the polar bears ... (... something ...).

When people are amazed that this little guy is 20 y.o. going strong I tell them: really. He's not that old. Methinks modern society has largely forgotten how to take care of cats.

(Okay, am really going offline for the day now.)


A Japanese automotive engineer who invented a small car that can motor through floodwaters says he attributes the idea to his mother.

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Sometimes homeless people sleep on the street outside my new office location.

I've decided I should get to know them. They're my neighbors.

This morning I asked a guy if he wanted anything from the CVS, he said a roast beef sandwich and a Rockstar energy drink, so I bought him that.

A guy in a nice suit in front of me in line at the CVS had seen the same homeless guy, and was making fun of him for being dirty, and trying to get the cashier to laugh with him. What an asshole.

Made a kitty igloo out of a box and a cool blanket.

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