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PDX Westside Ecosteader NW entrance iteration
2.27 backup_docs


the PLR && ¨"Technical Writers Without Borders"¨

"Decolonize your Thinking"


ABIPoC* food enclave
acronym for westside ::

People of Color

Not only is ABIPoC alphabetical* (which we hope will be helpful to a potential ally in our survival strategies), also is it accurate in RCT for the ¨on the ground¨ audience that might happen to find the little alleyway where our enclave exists.

¨Accurate in RCT¨ for the simple reason makes more sense that for each instance "west of the Atlantic" had black and indigenous slaves first, regions closer to the Pacific side would have indigenous history intertwined closer with the Asian and Pacific Islander colonization and slave stories.

We shall keep the Black Lives Matter spirit alive and B for black in this particular acronym; keep it simple for all the things SHE protects (the African "she" because anywhere ESL --> ntv.lang has too many exploitable MiTM with derogatory mutations of your continent's common name.

¨A frickin´! BLEEP BLEEP¨

Where colonizer has historically overriden your thinking to revert to English and anger... ? Never fall for them tryin' trigger your naturally ferocious nature and tame you to degrade your precolonialist heart! So many tusks there, not gonna work.

No, brother lion. We do not want that. We are not the hatebook, remember?

Do not worry, I have studied amid indigenous language keepers globally in very technical settings; and while my own ♥ breaks that it took me so long to remember this paper I wrote 22 years ago, we continue to have the proofs! It is not the job of a 20 year old to do carbon dating for her so-called "University" that did not have a native-oriented graduation path!

And since then, the focus on money is too much. Our counts were not created on their timestamps.

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Technical Writers Without Borders

"Annual non-RCT meeting now in session!"

"Analyzing ... the perhaps well-intentioned(?) Solar Decathlon(R) being undertaken by the bureaucratic entity known as U.S. Department of Energy. The rules are tripped up to make white people look good, and everything else looks all wrong.:"

2023 Build Challenge Rules

January 2022

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Decathlon® is a collegiate competition, comprising 10
Contests, that challenges student teams to design and build highly efficient and innovative buildings
powered by renewable energy.¨
</quote [1]>

"Sustainable and renewable are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing."

"Agree. Renewable is too ambiguous of a term and way too charged politically. Renewing someting implies the original take was allowed, which it almost never was."

"Agree and have prepared some notes and brainstorming for this week."

"Drive safe on those icy roads; everyone across Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island preparin' for a very cold and volatile week of weather.

">garbled> ... due to too many political jetsetters ... they making bigger story to distract."

"Joe Biden done took down them restrictions on oil and gas leases the other day to do more drillin!" [link:].

" <garbled> reliant upon the dollar have unsustainable appetites, and they do not know how to shut down when their tech becomes deprecated!"


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"But you made such a big deal of deleting everything to do with your Facebook account on Indigenous Peoples' Day of Rage last year. How did you never have it on your phone?"

I never allowed it on any phone or mobile device I carry, nor was I naive enough to share any personal details I would not have put on something like LinkedIn.

If you do not like or trust what las niñas call gringos, nothing maintained by the FB network is good to put on your phone.

Connection to his network does not make you "safer" or give you any sort of protection against fascism AT ALL. Your video documentation will not get attention it deserves, as you maybe need to learn the hard way.

BAD IDEA TO BELIEVE OR TRUST IN ANY government OR corporation that asks you to route communications through it.

FUD is a well-known tactic used by bullies online, and the fascists want that to leak out into the real world. More on this topic coming soon.

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Antitrust and exploits amid what the tech bros call "userland".

Everybody who loves capitalism usually says competition is good; however, Facebook and Apple are clearly not competing since they became neighbors in the rural Oregon town. The two are colluding to maximally exploit every detail of every user and to inflate capitalism without intelligence for efficiency. The illogical increase of colonialist cash ($USD) valuations during the last 6 years? Congress persons invested in these megacorps really are a reflection of the "private sector" male-dominated patriarchs who really have a lot of fun hurting people and planet while amassing their colonialist empires.[1]

Statistically the highest-income earners prefer Apple devices, which has been something of a "gold mine" for the FB network. (No matter what it tries to call itself, remember that Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp is one and only one network trying to be everything to everyone without intelligence or efficiency).

What does this mean? Two common scenarios:

(A) "I trust my Apple computer, but not Facebook" users in userland are almost certainly losing private details at data centers like these, where the loss of data is usually attributed to outdated "software", where, as closed-source the user cannot tell what data they are leaking.

(B) "I trust my Facebook activist friends but not corporations" users who want to save forests and creeks conveniently forget that the FB network they trust _always sides with their enemy, big oil. The late-stage capitalism move to migrate to more "green" tech solutions by building data centers with solar power in rural towns does not make a more eco-friendly world is simply a PR stunt to detract from the bigger and more important story, which is ongoing illegal collusion.



Edit/typo: Liberian capital named after the other James -- Monroe, not Madison

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Some interesting history of the map region renamed Liberia ... stolen from the indigenous peoples of the continent to re-home "freed" black slaves; capital of the new country named by -- we kid you not -- the American Colonization Society -- to honor English speaking US President James Madison on the continent of Africa

Fish of the are getting their watery homes choked out by the mudslides and debris flow of recent uncontrolled burns started by a combination of drought and the idiocy of colonialist land management practices.

Wildfire burn-scarred land and heavy thunderstorms washing debris into the rivers of the Karuk, and neighboring Yurok, Wintu, Modoc lands.

Technical Writers Without Borders S1E3.5

"iso publishers against oligolipaths" ()

"Rivers and lands here were taken from indigenous peoples by supposedly more 'civilized' immigrants ... uh, not that long ago. Who is our expert author on time?"

"FiIK. And all this factual history continues to be oppressed, despite ... gobs of high-tech connected devices with their human dependents?"

▽▽ △▲△ ▽▽
△ ▽▽▽ △
△▽ △▲△ ▽△
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Possibly non-human voices blare into the sound-space -- vague hints of static, as from a distant 📺 or 📻 :: :::

"In the most oppressed place on the Internet, a number of people that has never been accurately reported -- but still, millions of people woke up this morning and reported their crisis, thoughts, hopes, fears and feelings directly to the data hubs of Meta Platforms, Inc.

Its corporate CEO is running a wannabe VR fantasy 'checkout from reality' kind of place. He recently branded it with a white "infinity" sign indicating his intent to continue the fantasy of fascism knowing no ends."

"Most people have not yet caught on that allowing a public company such distortion is dangerous. Maximum criminal and financial exploits amongst its settlers -- who are all now dying in droughts and wildfires as USA becoming more like Russia with young, dumb oligarchs and messy disasters in townships near coal and oil drilling sites."

<professor of ML> "All the data scientists in the world will tell you its politic-obsessed machine bad. Variables that cause extreme distress in humans, such as MASS VIOLENCE and GUN VIOLENCE, RAPE, SUICIDE, and
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE as some of the many examples of societal problems accelerated during rise of market cap! Abusing elders and minors, he gaslights grieving family members or others obsessed with their dead loved ones into keep using the site."

MDs asking everyone to quit ~ read:

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Technical Writers Without Borders S1E3 -- Publishers

News article (above thread) says "The publishers counter that the merger would strengthen competition among publishers to find and sell the hottest books, by enabling the combined company to offer bigger advance payments and marketing support to authors. It would benefit readers, booksellers and authors, they say. "

Um, no.

Consolidation makes colonization easier. Colonization is the "how" squelching of minority voices and silencing (moderating / editorializing) unpopular ideas that "offend" cash-rich settlers. Consolidation is usually a precursor of colonization. European editors trying to buy their way in to rewrite colonization as "globalisation" -- basically gaslighting people that European languages and billion $ valuations ought to be default, permissible or even respected anywhere else.

Publishers w/marketing budgets become advertisers; the larger the merge the larger "operating budget". Traditional publishers doing the small town newspaper act then have their best salespersons bribe influencers on whatever mainstream "channel" -- NYTimes, Amazon reviews, Fox News, MSNBC, PBS -- any large settler colonialist channel with a significantly zombied population works to get buyers.

"Channel marketing" they call it, where large sums of money get distributed to different corporations to hype the book or author thru Facebook, Twitter, hoping to make a bestseller!

But these Facebook and Twitter are already "consolidated" channels of social media, taking money from everybody, hoping to please everybody. Each coordinating colonialist narratives on what can be "trending" by who gives the best ego massages and followers or fake follower counts and other fascist fronts.

Colonization is all about actions that control what people are talking about, see, hear.

Any move toward the ($OLIGOLIPATHY -- rich dudes buying censorship when they don't "like" being criticized or held accountable) is a bad move.

To Be Continued

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Stephen King, the prolific writer, is going to be the "star witness" in an case stopping the merger of two huge leeches!

By "leeches", of course, I mean publishing houses who are trying to take bigger and bigger cuts from authors

One idea (lasted longer than 3 centuries) for how to cool hot air

:nlbi: did not require energy be taken by blowing up mountains to get coal, nor any fossil fuel to power combustion engine.

Terra-cotta evaporative cooler [good, informative article - 1]
set a seeping water source and use gravity over a large vertical area to cool terra-cotta or clay tubes.


Songs about the colonial era, now ending. The history of demonization, plunder, stealing, killing, and erasing the crime scenes - From a Native Hawaiian under US occupation! (Link Below)

Q: What’s your advice to others who want to see more accurate Native/Indigenous representations of their tribes in cities?

Ojibwe artist Andrea Carlson answers: ¨Listen to Native people. Go to our presentations, our exhibitions, and read our books. Antagonize the settler mentality that lives in your head -- I must do that too. Question institutions that don’t acknowledge the Indigenous land that they are built upon.¨

Mpls mass eviction, aid request 

Minneapolis feral swine carried out a massive camp eviction operation today, surprising people by raiding at 1pm instead of the usual morning time.

Dozens and dozens, possibly as many as 100, are displaced, most with nothing but the clothes on their backs after all their belongings were trashed by Public Works.

The Mayor is at a parade wearing a Public Works tshirt.

Please donate to the supply depot to help those people evicted:

@schrodingers_cat Yeahhh. I'd prefer if it were so, but like...there are kinda a lot of settlers on indigenous land, and maybe most are literally genocidal fascists. It's a little more than 1% that's the problem

Another radiant grandmother murdered
by a cold
angry boomer
dead ended
pale, frail
fragile white settler:

"Welcome to the Native Language Reclamation of Turtle Island"

"libreoffice --writer"

into my :crt_w_prompt:

Open source software release notes

with documentation directives in Diné bizaad!!




"So the 5 hrs donated to $AMZN interviewing w/AWS team containing at least one #AngrywhiteManNotofTurtle Island# was uh, what?"

"I don't understand what you are saying."

"How shall we classify that for tax purposes? What was exchange for your time consulting and answering questions for 5 hrs?"

"Nothing. Asked me to sign NDA I'd never sign. Asked me to test out a rewire of the whole Ecosteader stack to accommodate its S.T.A.R. employee methods! This is not professional AI company."

Although the concept of "acres" did not exist upon Native Land Before Invasion,

the general right step in the efforts still counts. Onodaga peoples reclaiming 1024 of them....

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Welcome to the Native Reclamation of Turtle Island

WHY YOU SHOULD -- the hatebook is accelerating genocide on PoC. Native Land Before Invasion was not hospitable to Eurocentric _______ (nouns). Nouns can be persons, places, things, or ideas.