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Sorry, folks; made mistake.

Was an idealistic wish that a colonial government could ever ¨Honor the Treaties¨.

Was a mistaken notion that any legal framework created within the artificial borders known as the ¨United States of America¨ or colonized Canada could deliver justice to indigenous peoples. Youth do not have a chance to make informed choices about their futures when they have been deliberately misled on the facts.

Time-series algorithms indicate ¨justice¨ is almost certainly to never happen; any so called accounting or treaty reconciliation never has and never would balance. The value of a plant or animal ecosystem does not translate into colonizer languages, and thus cannot be quantified when misused, abused, or stolen, or stewarded incorrectly, and giving colonizers ¨more time¨ is not an option.

None of this is new news.

The thing about timelines is that ... by the time the majority of folk realize their own world, is too late for them to secure anything.

The Twoettersplat plane: that cold, lifeless behemoth of corporate-controlled viral manipulation will never want to disclose the trending of its own death. It, too wants you piping data to its fascist hubs of landlord cartels and Realtors banking on continuation of the colonial deed system in the US of A. Those Realtor cartels and landlords are who Twoetter chose (and chooses) to host; be warned, is bad to be near any energy feeding those especially toxic beings.


[2] Other relevant posts: ¨Philanthropy is not mutual aid¨:

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MMIW "awareness," the continuing saga.

NPR (a PBS subsidiary), is finally investigating (albeit quite late) now that an attractive European-descended, blond-haired blue-eyed data scientist is "blowing the whistle" on her former employer, Facebook.

The spokesperson in this new breaking story[1] is someone its wealthy donors can relate to ... someone who probably looks like them, sounds like them, could be their cousin or sister.

The story NPR wants you to hear is not about MMIWs, specifically, but tainted by the lens of white supremacy. Any PoC can tell you without looking at their notes: while national media on this story is good, is not good that white people only really believe other white people; what they care about seems to be (over and over) their own skin and bank accounts.

Note that the [3] scandal coming out right now is likely gonna be used to "deflect" the spotlight off this important news, though the stories are obviously highly correlated and should be reported alongside each other.

We said it before[2], and will say it again as more strong PoC and women with backups continue to speak out and speak up:

📢 📢 📢 📢 📢 📢 📢 📢 📢

"We believe Zhang; we do not believe the Bourgeois or anyone paid or endorsed by Facebook as a spokesperson" [2].

"FB crashing for bad PR should have happened well over a decade ago!"

"It took 5 months for the tactical tech to get ahold of Sophie Zhang's story."

"Facebook is all digital; why it taking indie and her <BADASS HARDWARE HACKER FRIENDS> building network capable of helping Zhang get the important messages from the PoC out?"

"The Fediverse is basically all the people tired of being drowned out bythe loudest, biggest bully fascists known on the Internet."





*edited to correct typos

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To everyone writing something long-winded and technical for a PhD:

Train your research snippets / compilation string stream to stop calling native places the wrong things.

Use a _direct_, specific tone (suggest ALL CAPS where colonized humans may read and infer) to make it very clear or ¨irrefutable¨ what parts of the research cannot be confirmed or verified independently of RCT. RCT-centric descriptions and variables shall never be asserted as evidence or base or basis for any foundational theories or practices pertaining to indigenous or pre-Columbus Native Americans (the carbon bodies); nor shall RCT ever be used to co-opt the most important native-led narratives on the lands. These words are true in both digital and analog.

Furthermore: academic or fictional works that contain sentence phrases like ¨In 1932¨ ... or "by the 15th Century" can be dissolved. Definitions which implicitly center the narrative on white supremacy make fatal mistakes in every world. This is one of the few absolutes of quantum[1].

Do not ask what RCT means! Read the documentation that exists. The quantum universe does better worlds; however, it does not offer room for fragile white settlers. Focus more on the ¨white settlers¨aspect of that definition to begin the changes necessary for . Regarding that adverb ¨fragile¨: white settlers must realize always that WHITES ARE NOT A PIONEER INTO QUANTUM SPACE. Intrusion on our lands have always been considered intrusion (never trust).

Decolonization is prerequisite for quantum is prerequisite for the smallest iota needed to start ¨________ world¨.

The RCT of 1810 was how soon ago? The of ~2006ish flooded with corruption 9 years ago, inflating the most corrupt toxic vessels of real estate in the known two-leggeds´Universe. Is proof fascistbook and RCT are bound together in all things corrupt.

ONE YEAR TOO LATE IS STILL TOO LATE. /mikmaw_free_translation.*

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The centuries-long desecration of sacred Kizh/Tongva land by mentally ill colonists:

Founded as a whites-only or a "sundown"[2] town, Culver City[3] is Yet Another Corrupt Node (Y.A.C.N) of colonization to be dismantled.

Sound familiar? In the closing credits of big-budget movies and TV, Culver City is home base of colonizer-focused production studios[a], AKA pretty much every public airwave in the US of A. (Unfortunately, PBS takes a great deal of money to promote the these days!) Such colonizer-focused production studios continually refuse to acknowledge the real native story, preferring to distract with short-sighted issues and other things they want to control.

Like the cutely-named trio of ships from overseas arrived around the same time and with the same delusions, so too did Culver City´s "founding father". Harry Culver was mentally ill when he arrived, perpetuating a delusion that Columbus had discovered America... and that as a Privileged White Man, it was all his for the taking. Never mind those burned villages![*]

Culver and his buddy James Henry Carleton[4], a fascist genocidal tyrant[3] worked together to push the REALTOR agendas, as they murdered a definitive number of native language speakers of the American Southwest.

Ecological impacts of the colonization not even 100 years later are determinable enough to say it is bad: take a few minutes to look up ¨Salton Sea¨, or any CA-marine coastal disaster or anything poisoning the heart of the Rio Grande.

/ Tongva land today in LA does not resemble anything it once did, but a few native people who survived Carleton and Culver´s murderous legacy did survive:


[*] NOTE that all refs & records stored at Minnesota-based and Ivy-league institutions are HEAVILY BIASED TOWARD EUROCENTRIC thought and rarely, (no actually never) accurately account the native stories.

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A mistake writers (and let's be honest, editors) make is it dumb down stories, erase complexity, and pretend doubts don’t exist. This is often because people don’t respect the intelligence of their readers. The effect is to erode public trust and do everyone a disservice. And this is not limited to science writers.

When describing crimes being perpetrated by Facebook, use present tense; a company under CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION FOR MANY CRIMES AGAINST MINORS cannot just change its name! PERSONS UNDER CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS CANNOT GO CHANGING NAME, ESPECIALLY NOT TO AVOID INVESTIGATORS WORKING FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN WRONGED; this is clear VIOLATION of both colonial and Turtle Island LAWS.

A globally-aware attorney with some of the SHARPEST TUSKS EVER(!) can and will ensure ABUSIVE, COERCIVE nodes of colonial destruction ALL get REMOVED, in an order {{ wasicu chaos markers noted in PAST_IRREVERSIBLE_METALOOP }} get to learn the hard, hard way.

SV auditors who followed the news of Facebook's early (pre-IPO) attempts to stay oligarchal, private and to avoid public scrutiny, wanting early investors (mostly white men with INVASIVE, INBRED IVY-LEAGUE INSTITUTIONAL IDEAS THAT SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO REPLICATE ) "shielded" from some liabilities, despite being WAY TOO BIG already?

Sinking sandpits on Sand Hill never did have a problem, ethically, collecting so much colonist cash for just about anything... ANYTHING to get that "Revenue per User" number up to those oligarchal investors, eh?

Early crimes to unmask users' privacy ... Beacon? Beacons, you called them early on, code you sent greedy advertisers seeking vulnerable young minds to entrap in credit cards, ¨pharmaceuticals for imagined problems¨ and other corporate machinations colder and sharper than slime.

Jumped in, no way to swim out.


Think of the nephews and nieces who could die under any one of the various delusions of patriarchal authority! The sooner youth can be trained (woke enough to train themselves!) to capture and destroy delusion sourced from whitemanz fantasies, the better their chance of success.

For example, one relevant problem might be whitemanz ancestors' home continent has been having some Great Big Problems (GBP):

There has been a fight for the right to be online (in part to push for Internet in rural America & for the poor). Superficially that's fair, but the problem is govs already operate with the assumption that people are online. So people are being forced to use & trust svcs from dubious gov-admin'd sites (e.g. #Cloudflare). How can I opt out? Now we need a right to be *offline*.

Follow up given the atmospheric river of moisture upon the PNW, creating flooding and problems all over the region, and especially for the colonist construct known as B.C.

Semá:th Lake and what was part of a larger Nooksack and Halkomelam territory is what existed before lake ¨was drained in the 1920s to create and irrigate new farmland in the Fraser Valley¨[1], making Sumas, B.C..

¨British Columbia¨ as the fascist colonist mapmakers would have you believe ... is under control of some British entity and its incredibly deluded RCMP? Despite not being attached to the continent where all the British-speaking dialects originate?

Meanwhile on the southern side of Nooksack people's territory ... a people coerced, intimidated, and attacked. Still unresolved land disputes over centuries of colonial oppression. Be not surprised how recently targeted for disenrollment.[2]

This attack vector is known by many First Nations people who have had to fight and defend not just one but TWO DIFFERENT colonial forces claiming federal authority over our BEING on Turtle Island.

Centuries of tests, and In every experiment thus far, the colonist recipe for land-use management yields disaster.

Yet still ... still no colonist learning? Stupidity is rebuilding colonial structures[4]. The plan that has no stops to assess or retrospect?

Disaster w/ increasing levels of embarrassment to the colonial logicians! Unsustainable agricultural ecosystem over what is supposed to be floodplain for lake is not a good use of energy[4],

Christian church-run genocides? Probably we did not survive them for nothing.





Edit - copy-paste laggard

Colonist construct known as "United States of America" has ~15.3 percent of the pandemic fatalities so far; 5,162,452 people have perished from it as of this writing.

Coronavirus the #1 cause of death in the settler-colonial state of Arizona right now.[2]

Coronavirus is also the #1 COP KILLER in that same construct of United States, interestingly enough, and it was in 2020 as well.

* data source:



Some visuals of what happened late last week with .

More updates coming soon.

In the meantime, please follow @Dinemanred and thank him for his camera work and documentary efforts:

Vancouver BC was completely logistically cut off from the rest of canada by land, and currently the only reliable logistic connection to the rest of the continent is through Washington state.

Yet BC has not declared a state of emergency.

This is what climate-induced infrastructural collapse looks like.

read more via the BBC:

The long term survival of our collectives, communities, and ourselves, depends on minimizing logistical dependence, and strengthening communal interdependence.

Our dependency networks are too complex and stretched too thin. We need to ensure that the dependency/logistics networks for vital needs, food, electricity, water, can be minimized to be as small and local as possible to ensure resilience in the face of disaster.

I'm building a 5kW battery bank. Certainly not big enough to power my whole house for an extended period, but big enough to keep the fridges and network equipment powered for a few days during a power outage.

Keep refillable water jugs on hand, filled with distilled/filtered water.

Keep shelf-stable dry and canned goods on hand for when food logistics is strained.

Warriorz will be on KBOO at 8:30 Pacific Time. Updating on Elderz defending the land in Winnemucca NV.

Posting on this already-started thread for the Diné.

Since visiting ~ (T’á̜á̜tsoh, ᓴᑎᑲ.ᓗᖑᓴᑐ) another whose family and friends are asking for some help in locating missing relative, Ella Mae Begay:

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Dutch colonization of Jakarta imposed , but in the form of canals instead of roads ... a deliberate, planned ecological attack on the native inhabitants. Why should the brown-skinned natives suffer
across all the continents?

In an interval* short enough to be significant, the results of the experiments by colonizers who imposed freshwater-draining activities is clearly a failure.

One estimation[1] puts a significant portion of the area´s population mostly underwater by 2050.

RCT time descriptions begin ~4:15 into the Z9cJQN6lw3w.

[2] interval.hpp

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