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Technical Writers Without Borders

"Annual non-RCT meeting now in session!"

"Analyzing ... the perhaps well-intentioned(?) Solar Decathlon(R) being undertaken by the bureaucratic entity known as U.S. Department of Energy. The rules are tripped up to make white people look good, and everything else looks all wrong.:"

2023 Build Challenge Rules

January 2022

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Decathlon® is a collegiate competition, comprising 10
Contests, that challenges student teams to design and build highly efficient and innovative buildings
powered by renewable energy.¨
</quote [1]>

"Sustainable and renewable are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing."

"Agree. Renewable is too ambiguous of a term and way too charged politically. Renewing someting implies the original take was allowed, which it almost never was."

"Agree and have prepared some notes and brainstorming for this week."

"Drive safe on those icy roads; everyone across Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island preparin' for a very cold and volatile week of weather.

">garbled> ... due to too many political jetsetters ... they making bigger story to distract."

"Joe Biden done took down them restrictions on oil and gas leases the other day to do more drillin!" [link:].

" <garbled> reliant upon the dollar have unsustainable appetites, and they do not know how to shut down when their tech becomes deprecated!"


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"But you made such a big deal of deleting everything to do with your Facebook account on Indigenous Peoples' Day of Rage last year. How did you never have it on your phone?"

I never allowed it on any phone or mobile device I carry, nor was I naive enough to share any personal details I would not have put on something like LinkedIn.

If you do not like or trust what las niñas call gringos, nothing maintained by the FB network is good to put on your phone.

Connection to his network does not make you "safer" or give you any sort of protection against fascism AT ALL. Your video documentation will not get attention it deserves, as you maybe need to learn the hard way.

BAD IDEA TO BELIEVE OR TRUST IN ANY government OR corporation that asks you to route communications through it.

FUD is a well-known tactic used by bullies online, and the fascists want that to leak out into the real world. More on this topic coming soon.

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Antitrust and exploits amid what the tech bros call "userland".

Everybody who loves capitalism usually says competition is good; however, Facebook and Apple are clearly not competing since they became neighbors in the rural Oregon town. The two are colluding to maximally exploit every detail of every user and to inflate capitalism without intelligence for efficiency. The illogical increase of colonialist cash ($USD) valuations during the last 6 years? Congress persons invested in these megacorps really are a reflection of the "private sector" male-dominated patriarchs who really have a lot of fun hurting people and planet while amassing their colonialist empires.[1]

Statistically the highest-income earners prefer Apple devices, which has been something of a "gold mine" for the FB network. (No matter what it tries to call itself, remember that Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp is one and only one network trying to be everything to everyone without intelligence or efficiency).

What does this mean? Two common scenarios:

(A) "I trust my Apple computer, but not Facebook" users in userland are almost certainly losing private details at data centers like these, where the loss of data is usually attributed to outdated "software", where, as closed-source the user cannot tell what data they are leaking.

(B) "I trust my Facebook activist friends but not corporations" users who want to save forests and creeks conveniently forget that the FB network they trust _always sides with their enemy, big oil. The late-stage capitalism move to migrate to more "green" tech solutions by building data centers with solar power in rural towns does not make a more eco-friendly world is simply a PR stunt to detract from the bigger and more important story, which is ongoing illegal collusion.



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To everyone writing something long-winded and technical for a PhD:

Train your research snippets / compilation string stream to stop calling native places the wrong things.

Use a _direct_, specific tone (suggest ALL CAPS where colonized humans may read and infer) to make it very clear or ¨irrefutable¨ what parts of the research cannot be confirmed or verified independently of RCT. RCT-centric descriptions and variables shall never be asserted as evidence or base or basis for any foundational theories or practices pertaining to indigenous or pre-Columbus Native Americans (the carbon bodies); nor shall RCT ever be used to co-opt the most important native-led narratives on the lands. These words are true in both digital and analog.

Furthermore: academic or fictional works that contain sentence phrases like ¨In 1932¨ ... or "by the 15th Century" can be dissolved. Definitions which implicitly center the narrative on white supremacy make fatal mistakes in every world. This is one of the few absolutes of quantum[1].

Do not ask what RCT means! Read the documentation that exists. The quantum universe does better worlds; however, it does not offer room for fragile white settlers. Focus more on the ¨white settlers¨aspect of that definition to begin the changes necessary for . Regarding that adverb ¨fragile¨: white settlers must realize always that WHITES ARE NOT A PIONEER INTO QUANTUM SPACE. Intrusion on our lands have always been considered intrusion (never trust).

Decolonization is prerequisite for quantum is prerequisite for the smallest iota needed to start ¨________ world¨.

The RCT of 1810 was how soon ago? The of ~2006ish flooded with corruption 9 years ago, inflating the most corrupt toxic vessels of real estate in the known two-leggeds´Universe. Is proof fascistbook and RCT are bound together in all things corrupt.

ONE YEAR TOO LATE IS STILL TOO LATE. /mikmaw_free_translation.*

Something about the weather...

6032 Joules for each "kilogram" predicted to be concentrating around

35.28° N, 96.42° W

That is, over the territories of
Lakȟótiyapi, Osage, O-ga-xpa Ma-zhoⁿ (O-ga-xpa), Caddo, Muscogee

and other
(neiiiiiiighboring) 🐎
indigenous language keepers

pssst! fixed ur broken #↗


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"Prepare for a volatile day and week in the megalomaniac caps followed by an even more volatile day and week in the weather."

>>> :: || ܀ || :: <<<
܀ ܀ ܀܀܀ ܀܀܀ ܀ ܀
>> | << ✧✧ >> | <<
܀ ܀ ܀܀܀ ܀܀܀ ܀ ܀
✧ ✧ ✧ ✧
܀ ܀ ܀܀܀ ܀܀܀ ܀ ܀
>> | << ✧✧ >> | <<
܀ ܀ ܀܀܀ ܀܀܀ ܀ ܀
>>> :: || ܀ || :: <<<

"____ was never supposed to be about tech or capitalism. However, insecure nodes directed by "" kept lethally attacking the indigenous tribes of Oregon's beautiful forests and coastal areas, Yakama through Yurok, the grandmothers of Winnemucca, indigenous language keepers of the Anasazi, Ute, Paiute and Shoshone peoples, Mi'kmaq, her people. All the white guys with millions or billions trying to be the biggest heroes: The hatebook did not like that she exposed his lies about slavery RE: Farmworld and the unfortunate states of slavery and sickness in Cafeworld. She deserves a Gitcoin."

"Our analysis shows that is most logical carbon-free C++ emergency stop on capitalism available in the [time_span](redacted). Probably no human will be intelligent enough to understand it for a span of _______ [[_dec olon ized_ ]time_span]."

"Decolonized thinkers woulda had a chance to really get ahead and turn around their lives two years ago! Damn knuckleheads spent too much time scrolling thru their phones, stabbing finger angry."

"The trademark of the whiteman GANNs of $FB (tfbnw) are to demand more and more and more. That certainly played out with the subprime mortgage crisis it accelerated in 2007. In the Native Land Before Invasion (antifascist algorithm invented by the compute saved from Ecosteading), all cops eventually self destruct ... but nobody can make a drama about it, and nothing gets sold to Canada."

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Micronesian stick charts show wave patterns and currents. The shells represent atolls and islands. Using stick charts (also called rebbelibs, medos, and mattangs) ancient mariners successfully navigated thousands of miles of the South Pacific Ocean without compasses, astrolabes, or other mechanical devices.

Photograph by Walter Meayers Edwards

« I was tired of learning history that refused to acknowledge my people »
18-year-old Charitie Ropati writes about her work developing Native-centric curricula in the U.S.

#native #Indigenous #CharitieRopati #Ropati

>> :: ||| ||| :: <<

"So the guy that had an 11 billion colonialist cash dollar paycheck for one day? His "literally insane" piles of of money and tax obligations should not be the concern of PoC."

"it is right to container him from dragging anyone else into WASTING their lives on his oligarch shit and luxury problems."

"Probably, most people do not understand that FB has been running sadistic experiments on $USER scenarios since it was funded by George W. Bush pharma and insecticide. Fragile settlers who banked on the pharmaceutical ... experiments finally backfiring! No wonder it got so. damn. ugly."

"Explains WHY in the video, the folks stuck in hatebook's cartel experients broadcasted $USD bounty and prices on individual indigenous lives."

"Did not understand it was stalking at the time. She did not understand the harassment as it was directed at her, only as it took place within the larger context of what was happening to the neighborhood. "

>> :: ||| ||| :: <<

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"Let the forensic accountants help the remote crime scene reporters."


// Tahoe walks to quantum .mqe: machine and begins inputting dimensions:://

1. Facebook never had the skill, talent, or aptitude to host infinite video and games from everyone forever.

2. Video w/ gore & dead bodies require the Facebook network purchase time-sensitive $GPU$ and load balancers and compute that is very very expensive its rent-controlled HQ in East Palo Alto, CA.

3. The billionaires of $FB and $EQR (Sam Zell) had already coordinated attack on the Spanish-speaking tenants' union in East Palo Alto (EPA) around RCT 2011-2012, when indie lived there. From what she remembers, $FB used its $REALTOR_NETWORKS$ to impose MONOPOLY on the dilapidated apartment buildings around the former campus of Sun Microsystems.

EPA used to be the most racially diverse area of the region; after Zuck stalked indie there, she left.

4. Acceleration of evictions and gentrification are the FACTUAL history of everywhere it tries to set up "shop".

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Bringing voice to the missing and murdered indigenous land defenders who have been killed trying to protect uncolonized land in :

"Moira Millan, an author and film maker, has worked for over 20 years to protect and defend indigenous territories and women’s rights in the 36 indigenous nations that live in Argentina.

She is the founder and co-ordinator of the Movimiento de Mujeres Indígenas por el Buen Vivir (Indigenous Women’s Movement for Good Living), which organises campaigns for justice in response to violations committed against indigenous peoples. Since 2017, the indigenous leader has reported receiving death threats against her and her daughters after her struggle to expose the disappearance Santiago Maldonado.

Maldonado, 27, was a young Argentine who disappeared on Benetton-owned land in 2017, after taking part in a protest in conjunction with the Mapuche community. They were rallying against the presence of the multinational, and its environmental impact in Patagonia.

Maldonado was last seen being forced into a police car and then disappeared without a trace. Seventy-two days later, his body mysteriously washed up on a river bank that had been searched many times. During this period of unrest, young Mapuche blacksmith Rafael Nahuel was also shot in the back by the local police force in an incident that left at least one dead, and children as young as five suffering gunshot wounds."

"This video has HUGE implications for net neutrality. And that seems like an awful lot of murders of talented forensic scientists."

"Who do you think has incentive to cover this up?"

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"But you made such a big deal of deleting everything to do with your Facebook account on Indigenous Peoples' Day of Rage last year. How did you never have it on your phone?"

I never allowed it on any phone or mobile device I carry, nor was I naive enough to share any personal details I would not have put on something like LinkedIn.

If you do not like or trust what las niñas call gringos, nothing maintained by the FB network is good to put on your phone.

Connection to his network does not make you "safer" or give you any sort of protection against fascism AT ALL. Your video documentation will not get attention it deserves, as you maybe need to learn the hard way.

BAD IDEA TO BELIEVE OR TRUST IN ANY government OR corporation that asks you to route communications through it.

FUD is a well-known tactic used by bullies online, and the fascists want that to leak out into the real world. More on this topic coming soon.

Chose to not participate any of the ¨official¨ MMIW or MMIP day of awareness events, mostly because all the links I could find led to facebook-promoted events of yesterday, which would not have had the right energy. Same reasons we already outlined in our closed registration message weeks ago.

Be keen to know the murderer cannot participate in the healing process. No such record to "long life and happiness" to be found via the hatebook paths.

You all are going to have to be more creative in luring Ecosteader beauties out to be social in the Pacific NW, Haw river valley, kéyah of the keepers of Diné Bizaad and artists of the Innu, Chumash, Okefenokee, and Nooksack.

Every day is and MMIP awareness here; we are not trying to be everything to everyone loyal to RCMP, an XXX Billion-dollar colonialist cash corp. or an X.XX Trillion dollar colonialist cash corp with a government of wannabe heroes just little boys too ashamed to admit their lives raised on lies in American History textbooks ain't so great after all.

Be keen to know the murderer cannot participate in the healing process.

No need for your Ivy league bred social "engineers" Instalkering for advertisements selling consumerism, hate and political adversary to everyone in colonailist-cash voting blocks.

NEVER FORGET FACEBOOK IS BIG OIL as much as it is the company of an Evil plagiarizer that should never be regarded as anything but immature teenager. With too much colonialist cash to spend, his aggressions becoming increasingly annoying.

Before it was Meta Platforms, Inc. Facebook murdered at least one of its earliest volunteer gamers .. lots of discussion about his death on interwebs. Forensic accountants already know how hard they tried to shut down that news down; but the Internet, thankfully, is much bigger than Teenager Techbros Platforms, Inc.

If you have never installed FB on ANY of your phones or devices, CONGRATS. Feel the rewards of your brilliance.
We got u.

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One thing that _does_ make sense is former employer's ¨Market Cap¨ never really took off; and in fact dropped dramatically by more than 100 billion since it lost me amid that pandemic chaos almost two years ago.

Most of the billionaire tech companies did the opposite -- grew five heads and inflated market cap by way way way more, the especially greedy ones into the trillions... more and more colonialist disease during the pandemic not a good thing for society or individuals.

My former colleagues as industry experts working in fields like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, etc know this already... but indie ¨will do¨ a quick educate readers who still do not understand:

The most common and mundane problems offloaded to machines (AKA ¨machine learning¨ problems) involve image processing algorithms that make it ¨easier¨ for the fascist moderators to ID and censor police violence on PoCs and descendants of slaves brought here against their will generations ago.

Those Realtors embedded into the hate of $FB and $TWTR and racist apps like NextDoor DO NOT LIKE having sales opportunities and commission ¨demands¨ disrupted by news about a poor black family losing another teenager to racist cop. Nor do the realty sellers care for you to learn about another eviction happening to the family that could not pay rent.

Those Realtors embedded into the hate of $FB and $TWTR and racist apps like NextDoor DO NOT LIKE you reading about the endangered language keepers of the Paiute and Shoshone in Winnemucca being bulldozed while they rake in the hundreds of billions.

But guess what? Is not science fiction, it is all science fact.

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Please don't be participatory in fediverse revisionism

this always happens when there's an influx of new users, and to those of us that were victims of abuse, it acts like a narrative solely to erase what actually happened (s) on here

i saw it w the migration of instagram users on here, many of whom were Blk or PoC, w ppl lying to said new users about whats happened in the past to other yea

Some news important to our people, sickness in the mind of colonialists everywhere who want native people erased.

We will not be erased, coerced, or censored.

¨Both colonialist cash companies you mentioned here[1] are very very dependent upon Lithium ... their futures depend upon users being addicted to phones and other colonialist-directed devices.¨

¨It makes sense that they are attacking the Paiute and Shoshone grandmothers with the most Lithium to lose; understandable they tryin´ destroy you, too.¨

Hey ¨Indian Country Today,¨NO SUCH THING¨ as ¨Sustainability Accelerator,¨ near a NASDAQ or colonialist$ brand.


: ::: Technical Writers Without Borders ::: :

¨¨Translation edit(s) may be forthcoming in a <ntv.lang> ¨¨

Superfund sites are everywhere superfunded men destroyed everything indigenous for a quick pile of useless colonialist dollars.

Note from indie authorship:

+We are and hope you chose long ago (past tense) to turn away from the game-seekers who need money attack, any form of enraged aggression on old native grandmothers as a way of way of life. The older and more public your defection from Evil plagiarist, the more we will love you.

[1] Vice News report of contamination-prone aquifiers where Billionaire-serving engineering experts cannot figure out what to do when the problems that have been affecting indigenous peoples affect their own lives.

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:: mqe :: warning :: mqe "" warning::

THE BAD NEWS: "The man with the most funds in the world is the deadest piece of Meat" === STILL TRUE

"The plagiarist is the deadest piece of METAMEAT" == STILL TRUE.


7.8 billion people on Earth, most of whom are colorful and smart. Should not be at all difficult to find divested brilliance far far from the the evil white man who is married to a woman of Asian descent... Turtle Island is MOST DANGEROUS PLACE for Eurasian wanna be nester doves.

That he his focusing his obsessions so intently on woman(women) on wrong continent from where his ancestors and wifey ancestors are from not gonna to make his wife happy. The big dumb dogs always bite off more than they can chew.

We are sorry, folks the English translations will always be last priority. The simplest answer is the most true most of the time. Cannot play catch up when "she" left long ago and is now way too far far out of your league. ""


>> /mqe

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indie of Ecosteader has no books for sale or print, no monetization channels with any government (foreign or domestic), publisher, Amazon, Patreon, YouTube, Alphabet, GoFundme, Google, Facebook, any of FB´s Evil Meta Platforms Inc., Apple, Microsoft, AMD, Intel, Netflix, or any other name-brand technology-focused company. Nothing about any share price falling is worth wasting your voice.¨

Indie is a member of a union for her profession and has received no money or cryptocurrency, nor has she been tipped

-anywhere close to 1 penny,
-nothing approaching one 10-millionth of one Bitcoin or
-1/100th of a million of one Gitcoin
""None of the above for over a decade+

for her work on the Ecosteader code base. ""¨

(translate above paragraphs is okay).

¨Why are you telling this?¨

Many reasons noted below in no particular order of importance:

:531: ¨We do not know, but suspect there is a mistaken notion in some tech blocks, that indie of Ecosteader is promoting a book or deal for a publisher or some other job requiring an agent or manager or ¨cloud server guy" or any European of any gender(s) that will make one of many FB- or Twoetter-consenting folks a big stack of money they can distribute amongst themselves and have so much left over, bribe corrupt tow yards to harass indie by towing her plain brown pony it to a white supremacist tow yard and take her friends to government-funded detention centers?

So no.

Professional technical writers already know how to self-publish and prepare transportable files without wasting paper. All arrests waste paper.

Make careful note that she is the very WORST PERSON TO ASK FOR COLONIALIST CASH MONIES. If she asks for a discount, GIVE IT. And stop buying postage for ¨PRESORTED¨ fucking paper mail solicitations for colonialist cash! ALL RELIGIOUS ORGS SHUT DOWN NOW YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN DELETED IN 1997. THIS PLANET HAS ALWAYS HAD MY PEOPLE'S WATERMARK, GET OVER YOURSELVES.


OMG... There is a plant that you can grow in the U.S. that has caffeine!?! 0_0 For those curious it's... Yaupon Holly and it tastes like green tea.

¨Tricked wrongly into self-destruction as their own worst enemies,¨ she said.

¨It was more than 5 years ago; compiled some evidence about SALESFORCE profiting unethically off of ICE DETAINEES .. FB flagged the post as spam.¨

¨Which means?¨

¨All data donated to FB is subject Single Shot Detector --- does not matter how much evidence you accumulate to fortify your logic for why ¨thing¨ is ¨bad¨ and all your friends should know RIGHT NOW. If it offends somebody who CAN give them money, they simply buy whatever it takes to shut her up or shut it down where they have control.¨

¨News that make its wealthy corporate-megalomaniacs -- look bad is not treated as "free press", and thus Facebook is not social media. It is a war-monger terrorist machine attached to the military industrial complex (""National Association of Realtors" same as "National Rifle Association") which require colonialist cash dues and payments which both entities invested $VERY_LARGE_MONIES_FOR_TEN_OR_MORE_YEARS in FB advertising. Was always about politics and voting."

""But back to the worst of its attacks directly and specifically to demean women.""

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Hello, new people! Welcome to the Fediverse.

It's a great place if you want to have conversations with human beings, or follow some funny or informative bots.

It is not a great place if you want to "ratio" each other, "build your brand", or be an "influencer".

If you are hoping to participate in an attention economy, you will eventually become very frustrated with this place.

Fair warning.

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Welcome to the Native Reclamation of Turtle Island

Native Land Before Invasion did not contain Eurocentric _______ (noun).