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Colonists in the RCT_1830s with guns pointed at Native populations in canoes and native populations in a tree already starting to show deep decline in health.


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The centuries-long desecration of sacred Kizh/Tongva land by mentally ill colonists:

Founded as a whites-only or a "sundown"[2] town, Culver City[3] is Yet Another Corrupt Node (Y.A.C.N) of colonization to be dismantled.

Sound familiar? In the closing credits of big-budget movies and TV, Culver City is home base of colonizer-focused production studios[a], AKA pretty much every public airwave in the US of A. (Unfortunately, PBS takes a great deal of money to promote the these days!) Such colonizer-focused production studios continually refuse to acknowledge the real native story, preferring to distract with short-sighted issues and other things they want to control.

Like the cutely-named trio of ships from overseas arrived around the same time and with the same delusions, so too did Culver City´s "founding father". Harry Culver was mentally ill when he arrived, perpetuating a delusion that Columbus had discovered America... and that as a Privileged White Man, it was all his for the taking. Never mind those burned villages![*]

Culver and his buddy James Henry Carleton[4], a fascist genocidal tyrant[3] worked together to push the REALTOR agendas, as they murdered a definitive number of native language speakers of the American Southwest.

Ecological impacts of the colonization not even 100 years later are determinable enough to say it is bad: take a few minutes to look up ¨Salton Sea¨, or any CA-marine coastal disaster or anything poisoning the heart of the Rio Grande.

/ Tongva land today in LA does not resemble anything it once did, but a few native people who survived Carleton and Culver´s murderous legacy did survive:


[*] NOTE that all refs & records stored at Minnesota-based and Ivy-league institutions are HEAVILY BIASED TOWARD EUROCENTRIC thought and rarely, (no actually never) accurately account the native stories.

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To everyone writing something long-winded and technical for a PhD:

Train your research snippets / compilation string stream to stop calling native places the wrong things.

Use a _direct_, specific tone (suggest ALL CAPS where colonized humans may read and infer) to make it very clear or ¨irrefutable¨ what parts of the research cannot be confirmed or verified independently of RCT. RCT-centric descriptions and variables shall never be asserted as evidence or base or basis for any foundational theories or practices pertaining to indigenous or pre-Columbus Native Americans (the carbon bodies); nor shall RCT ever be used to co-opt the most important native-led narratives on the lands. These words are true in both digital and analog.

Furthermore: academic or fictional works that contain sentence phrases like ¨In 1932¨ ... or "by the 15th Century" can be dissolved. Definitions which implicitly center the narrative on white supremacy make fatal mistakes in every world. This is one of the few absolutes of quantum[1].

Do not ask what RCT means! Read the documentation that exists. The quantum universe does better worlds; however, it does not offer room for fragile white settlers. Focus more on the ¨white settlers¨aspect of that definition to begin the changes necessary for . Regarding that adverb ¨fragile¨: white settlers must realize always that WHITES ARE NOT A PIONEER INTO QUANTUM SPACE. Intrusion on our lands have always been considered intrusion (never trust).

Decolonization is prerequisite for quantum is prerequisite for the smallest iota needed to start ¨________ world¨.

The RCT of 1810 was how soon ago? The of ~2006ish flooded with corruption 9 years ago, inflating the most corrupt toxic vessels of real estate in the known two-leggeds´Universe. Is proof fascistbook and RCT are bound together in all things corrupt.

ONE YEAR TOO LATE IS STILL TOO LATE. /mikmaw_free_translation.*

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How to build ?

✅ Do not abide by patriarchy.

✅ Find and network with people who care.

✅ Acknowledge stolen lands and . [1]

✅ Listen to and include marginalized voices when deciding build or demolish plans.

✅ Involve locally-indigenous people in ongoing ecological assessments, and be willing to pay them with whatever currency they request.

✅ Source and hire locally.

✅ Share good ideas globally.

✅ Expect nothing.[2]



Stimulus checks are landing in folks hands!

My house effectively gets half as much stimulus as we should, since I'm not properly documented.

Consider sending me money if you're at a loss of how to spend your "stimmy"

Crypto addresses available upon request.

(All funds are heading toward the GAZ, the distributed land stewardship effort that's getting rolling.)

Putting "Asian and Pacific Islander" in your Youtube video/stream heading will get it shadowbanned (no notifications to subbed) if you aren't an approved 'corporate channel' or celebrity saying, 'the right things' about AAPI during this AAPI history month. They don't want us Asians and Pacific Islanders being heard, apparently.

Colonist trash spreads far and wide across the globe, sickening lands of indigenous people, native plants and animals. (Sorry WriteTheDocs crew, never was an Oxford comma kind of gal).

The obvious solution: require colonist empires to buy back their packaging, else they must offer refundable deposits on anything they refuse to recycle.

Or is it?

When carbon is taxed in colonial dollars, the colonists exploit decolonized (or decolonizing) people for their labor, creating unmeasurable violations of human rights

The perpetrators need not just be sued in colonial Latin laws; they need to entirely shut down.

Can also recommend u watch this:

**"Monumental Moment": U.S. Backs Waiving COVID Vaccine Patent Rights After Months of Blocking Talks**

"The Biden administration has announced it now supports temporarily waiving the intellectual property rights for COVID vaccines, in what the World Trade Organization is calling a "monumental moment." India and South Africa first proposed the waiver in October, but th…"

#news #bot

Fueled and funded by the soulless settler states, indigenous genocide continues and yet remains largely ignored by the colonial population.

Have you heard these names?

Tanya Lewis
Sheldon Begay
Cecelia Finona
Laverda Sorrell

Photos from the awareness march in Window Rock today.

"5712 Native Women were Reported MISSING in 2016 NOW WE LOST COUNT" says the message from one indigenous warrior.

As one of the largest and strongest remaining native populations, several Diné people of the Navajo Nation have taken a community approach to bring more awareness to missing and murdered indigenous.

MMIWs are ALMOST ALWAYS victims of psychological and emotional abuse before their attackers succeed in silencing them permanently.

Indeed, the very tactics used by the KGB to demean and oppress a people into "compliance" with the fascist state are employed by Facebook in its subtle and persistent psychological warfare on people. It knows that depressed people are easier to exploit; and emotionally exploited people are far more likely to accidentally click on one of the advertisements it needs to stay in business.

Do not consent to that kind of business.

We do not consent.

See also:

Q & A

Q: "Hey indie, how do you decide which technology companies to trust? People need tech these days to keep in touch!"

A: "I look at the age of the founder and _never_ trust any company founded by someone younger than me. I especially distrust companies founded by white men younger than me (colonized settlers and their allies should always be distrusted by native people).

Assume, by default, that every message you send on fascistbook or twoetter is intercepted by an ally of white supremacy.

My advice comes from studying, surviving, and documenting and still surviving more than 26 years of their exploitation. The documentation I have compiled is not going anywhere.

Silicon Valley knows how to feed the egoes of talented exploiters, and native people are usually their first targets."

For example, if you cannot find or follow an ecosteader on your mastodon, that is _your_ admin not ours. Indie does not require follow requests.

Over 95 percent of today's are stalked and harassed by their assailants on fb and Instalkergram... (99 percent of ).

These warriors are why indie built Ecosteader, to help them have a place to escape and be strong together, free from the cunning exploitation perpetating white supremacy.

But she is up against a giant, and she has literally no help. Can you find what minn0w.pdx said on her public page _without_ logging into the fascist network?

Native people: why you support white man instead of indigenous women?? Why white men do is usually pretty predictable, but you need to be better than them. Have you forgotten that nothing scares them more than a strong, independent indigenous woman.

Of course they want to corral her into cages they control, to isolate her from her people.

They can and do everything in their power to demean and oppress her. To silence her, and make sure her voice is never heard outside the cage. They feed her dog food (little crumbs of sustenance in mental health) for posing nice, feminine things like cooking recipes or pictures of pets and flowers. The patriarchy knows exactly how to hurt women.

FB is the snake, the giant, the monster that stomps out the small, meek voices.

We know you wish it were not so, but is true.

Yeah, the FB shareholders love their buffet of "exotic" international women subjecting themselves (usually unwittingly) to aforementioned exploitation for colonial dollars. Indie made a HUGE mistake in saying she ever had respect for Sheryl Sandberg, the token white lady FB used to appear diverse. Evil men always have at least one hollow shell they need to abuse to stay in power.

Decolonization requires letting go of the delusion, and is not possible to do that within the cage they constructed for you.

When democracies do things to help small voices be heard, when the minority gets heard, the threat is too much for them. Whose side you are on is your choice, do not say you weren't warned.

A Libertarian is basically ... a Republican that wants ability to buy social capital with colonial dollars.

building materials aid request, boost appreciated 

If you're in the valley or coastal region of western turtle island (cascadia bioregion, so-called Tillamook County), and have roofing materials to spare, I'm interested in talking with you.

We're building a "pump house", because that's how we avoid needing a 6-month geohazard survey delay among other red tape for permits.

And finances are...razor thin right now, so buying new isn't an option for most of the building materials.

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Attention, Navajo Nation. There is a corrupt white man advertising for corrupt white man Gary Johnson in Gallup. The following the redman is full of rage and murder.

Every continent, it seems, has an example of Earth's retaliation against water abusers as .

An especially interesting example is what happened to the Aral Sea, aggressively drained by foolish agricultural practices:

"The Soviet plan to maximize one ecosystem service---fresh water---at the cost of many others proceeded, and the 1930s saw the construction of a system of irrigation canals. Crop production rose as irrigated areas in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan jumped from 6.4 million acres to 15.9 million acres over two decades, employing millions of people in the region. But with its major inflows being diverted for irrigation, the Aral Sea began shrinking in the 1960s. By 2005, it had lost more than half of its surface area, exposing nearly 30,000 km2 of lake bed, and nearly three-quarters of its volume.

The formerly thriving fishing industry collapsed as the freshwater influx declined and salinity increased, leading to the disappearance of 60,000 jobs linked to the Aral Sea fishery. The dried up sea bed produced dust storms laden with chemicals and pesticides from the intensive agriculture occurring along the two rivers. This in turn led to increased air and water pollution levels, and crop damage as much as 1,000 km away. Cancers, respiratory diseases, anemia, miscarriages, and kidney and liver diseases soared in the region.

By 1987, the Aral Sea had split into two segments---the North Aral Sea in Kazakhstan, and the South Aral Sea, more or less in Uzbekistan. In 1995, the World Bank and Kazak government built a dam to prevent water in the northern section from flowing into the southern portion."

Have been thinking about it and how/what it means for other white mens' rapaciousness.

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Rats in a cage starving to death will kill each other over any scrap of food thrown to them.

As the largest cage ever forced upon humanity, Facebook employees do everything in their power to ensure its users remain addicted and trapped in the delusion.

The soulless corporate entity knows exactly how to dole out little nuggets of "reward" or attention as it exploits its "nicest" users' kindness to keep other addicts engaged.

It censors facts that might "hurt the feelings" of its corporate sponsors. It has no moral compass. Its funders are reliant upon the colonial systems the landlords and Realtors and AirBnBers built -- needing a steady supply of slaves feeling hopeless and depressed to work for slave wages, for nothing, or for free. It steals art and voice from the meek and voiceless.

The US patriarchy loves that it can train women from all over the globe into supplying free cooking tips and interior decorating ideas for nothing; it needs its anorexic models on constantly neurotic providing free content.

Having carefully studied not only _how_ users become addicted, but also what keeps them coming back, the snares FB lays are almost impossible to escape for the avg person. Once trapped, FB user is PWND; eyeballs and nervous systems are sucked into the vacuum-tip studded with the sharpest flesh-tearing instruments ... happens when they least expect it.

White settlers ought to die this way, but indigenous people never should.

Not many of them figure out their own insanity, preferring to repeat the same behavior expecting different results.
Indigenous people should be reminded "nothing changes", and nothing will ever change for the better where FB is.

Nothing spiritual can touch the deluded.

Mik'maw translation for phenomena is especially interesting; unfortunately translation not available for free.

This is not a prediction of future events; it is documentation of something that happens daily.


Colonists in the RCT_1830s with guns pointed at Native populations in canoes and native populations in a tree already starting to show deep decline in health.


RT DarkMountainProject (@darkmtn)

'we don’t see colonialism as just the occupation of lands or the subjugation of starts with this foundational separability that interrupts the sense of entanglement of everything'

Dougald Hine & Vanessa Andreotti on decolonising thinking

#DarkMountainProject #decolonize

A lovely and yet unidentified species of wildflower from an RCT_free space on the side of the road in Western Nevada-ish, or thereabouts.

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We are a tiny organization defending against the exploitation, hatred and greed of colonial empires and the monopolistic social media platforms they rely upon: Fascistbook and Twoetter.

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