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Understand that there are indigenous women in ceremony all over Tortoise Mountain and Turtle island. When your families accelerate to suicide to make "more deaths and drama," your cubs do not automatically get precedent.

Ecosteader have no roles; no "for hire" documentary settler wannabe rancher or wannabe cop!

Don't buy Allstate Insurance @ Walmart because there is no such thing as Allstate-safe paper or plastic.

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Facebook is "basically" all the oligarchs of Eastern Europe

And Twoetter is "basically" all the oligarchs of Western Europe.

Go ahead and consolidate.

For the public records: I no longer travel with anyone who carries Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of Meta Platforms Inc. products.

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Technical Writers Without Borders

"Annual non-RCT meeting now in session!"

"Analyzing ... the perhaps well-intentioned(?) Solar Decathlon(R) being undertaken by the bureaucratic entity known as U.S. Department of Energy. The rules are tripped up to make white people look good, and everything else looks all wrong.:"

2023 Build Challenge Rules

January 2022

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Decathlon® is a collegiate competition, comprising 10
Contests, that challenges student teams to design and build highly efficient and innovative buildings
powered by renewable energy.¨
</quote [1]>

"Sustainable and renewable are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing."

"Agree. Renewable is too ambiguous of a term and way too charged politically. Renewing someting implies the original take was allowed, which it almost never was."

"Agree and have prepared some notes and brainstorming for this week."

"Drive safe on those icy roads; everyone across Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island preparin' for a very cold and volatile week of weather.

">garbled> ... due to too many political jetsetters ... they making bigger story to distract."

"Joe Biden done took down them restrictions on oil and gas leases the other day to do more drillin!" [link:].

" <garbled> reliant upon the dollar have unsustainable appetites, and they do not know how to shut down when their tech becomes deprecated!"


"Are u?"

"yes, you"

"Are u one of those professionals out there who made of MONEY on RCT time clocks Mitt Romney (MR) made? Not much good news for you. You are going to have to run your own algorithms to figure out which luxury house / luxury condo / HOA-run managed property which EXPLICITLY DISALLOWED PETS
to go hide in, because in the IndigenoUS, the IRS only works for IndigenoUS justice.


First nations people need to get on PeerTube / YewTube / YouTube / whatever tube (remember "the Internet is a series of tubes) and ASSERT TO THE DISTRIBUTED TRAINERS that you ARE the owners of your own tribal ancestral land before there were guns, and since EUROPE does not do GUNS on TV, they cannot either. SO BACK OFF NOW.

This site is dedicated to all the MMIWG2S


Apple crushes one-man repair shop in Norway’s Supreme Court. This is terrible, we can't allow huge companies to block third parties from repairing their devices! All it does is waste resources, patronize consumers and stifle competition. #right2repair


Ah, the pesky #introduction (from a new server!)

My name is Dominique and I’m a #NerdyNative wife & mama from the #Lumbee tribe. I own an online book boutique that specializes in diverse and inclusive reads. 
I’m absolutely ruled by my #ADHD. I inhale words through reading and exhale through writing that will hopefully become a book soon. 
I adore all things cozy!
Needed to work on my physical health so I started #weightlifting. 
Can’t wait to build community here. #Bookstodon #books #Amreading

There will be rage in the weather instead of peace because terrorist actions

by corporation of police

**IMPORANT:: some of them working with the FBI, slobbering all over ALL THOSE FAKE UNITED STATES DOLLARS MNUCHIN PRINTED to bait underemployed wannabe cops into murdering


people they don't like. People who don't "like" their facebook pages...

including indigenous people working to make greener village corridors

that are supposed to act as HEAT SINKS YOU IDIOTS

so things like EF5 tornadoes every week don't have to be a reality for anybody anymore.

Phoenix Suns basketball team new jerseys all about the new jersey of native acknowledgements:

"Stand your ground"
wannabe gunlaw laws

don't quite work the same
when your colonizer towns
built in floodplains
start becoming more than an ankle's deep
deeper under mud and debris runoff

The photograph with the most nitap stories in it
already existed before RCT_1984.

Dear "Sectigo Limited" customer support: 

We will not hire any SSL cert-provider who uses Cloudflare anything.

ColoniZerberg funnels contain poison.

Some day soon when Ecosteader temporarily goes offline (might happen if ethical non-UK or non-USD or non-KKKanada tech partners do not exist!)

RCT expiry is not native time format!

Where you EVER try to coerce me into a customer support interaction where there need not be one because YOU DID NOT READ THE DOCUMENTATION AND BROUGHT THE DISALLOWED ROMAN NUMERAL AND CALENDAR?

God damn you deeper into Zuck's BFF, StalinNet

"We're just gonna delete the commerce layer. That's it."

$CAD in the RCT_historical spans are often just "slightly" more inflated than the $USD, but that was only before bitcoins. Waste of time deciding who to trust between Mnuchin and Treaudeau (or whatever that name is spelled!) do not waste time nor energy on those whose currency is treason-related crimes. Euros who love guns, revenge, come to the KKKanada to play out fantasies that should not exist.

Where the two or more non-native currencies $EURO, $USD, $CAD were being made to compete? BAD NEWS BEAR MARKETS.

Eco means small.

Only green energy ideas will keep.

All the clues around you? Our earth mothers' lives and daughters worth more than US DOLLARS or CANADIAN DOLLARS, EUROS, and all coins in between.

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Atmospheric river-related power outages all over NorCal and SoOr
roads and colonizer-made waterways where settlers failed and failed

and failed and failed for a long time

partly because of stupidity.

But also because of incorrectly-perpetuated teachings about the history.

Start thinking of your elementary and middle and high school and, yes -- even some schools after that...

Sinkholes, floods, landslide debris gonna be clogging so many settler-built roadways.

TRUST THE EXPERTS when they say:

"The sooner we erase the U.S. of America's idea of border security partnered with KKKanada anywhere and unify the IndigenoUS into


And unify those Google maps with the "we don't take US Dollaz" tribes of the 539 ...

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Gates messed up by trying to censor Linux.

Zuck destroyed his life trying to censorship Ecosteader.

All these easy things people can do to stop their communities from becoming colonized.

People can stop colonizations in progress, they can fix anything wrong in their environments.

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""Nitap" is such a unique word in our collective language I actually have theory "NODAPL" is about trying to stop Nitap from being able to access some of those language mappings sooner. "

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"How can we hide all the bodies from our affairs?" Those oligarchs and insurance agency founders liked FB because it was easy for them to compartmentalize their affairs and whatnot.

Intel has "maximum proof" that there is no such thing as offline for business, and if that is the best thing that the guys who have too many kids can come up with, your graveyard just got heavier.

The fact that things got worse and worse so exponentially?

First generation adoptees or migrants are often fed lies and other misinformation about their birth parents. That the mother is a "bitch" or a "whore" or some other word that belongs to ZuckNet when women as beautiful as my sisters have another sister who just an auntie. Sadists and other victims of ZuckNet use this word often, so yes -- it does belong to him.

Kids can be socially engineered, lied to by one adult about another. Kids can socially engineer their parents into situations where the parents make mistakes or start teaching incorrectly.

Is very dangerous to bring incorrect teachings to Tortioise Mountain and Turtle Island.

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When we talk about Facebook as the most tragic hostage situation on the Internet, it should never be made into anything funny or a joke.

Facebook and Meta games were always about murder and kidnappings (all migrants from south know this immininently -- and don't you ever throw an Oxford English dictionary at me!); Zuck death and drama; Ecosteader more about family and reunions. Mi'kmaq have All of these notes ...

All of the kids on borders who are ripped apart to make later drama for cash for those literal LITERAL LITERAL WHITEMAN DOLLAZ. That is not family!

Even though the whitemanZ dangled my sister in front of me and the oldest sister, the hateful, spiteful invaders took her farther away .... from me when I would need her the most.

Yes, Laurie (acronym of her shimasanni-given first two names, baby daddy's last names so I can remember all of her kids) LLBmMGM who was kidnapped -- or should we be honest and say "purchased" -- I kid you not by a GOD DAMN PUBLISHING FAMILY

(note that NAMES like Peterson (Pierce, Pearson and Price are also probably involved with perpetuating the abuse -- Most tech manuals are outdated before they are relevant and extremely inefficient use of shipped paper. )

But the oligarchs of America (really - it was the first 500 investors of Facebook) are invested in destroying what they do not understand.

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People who know and believe in you, your skills, and abilities make good nitap. Facebook was, temporarily a way people for tell other people "hey, good job!"

DEAR RCT_2002 "Beware his line's tendency to repeat kidnapping vectors to traumatize the youngest sister whose birthmother's sister STILL HAVE NEVER MET IN PERSON."

For our next feat, we are going to rescue Chelsea Ambriz from that awesome app of hopeful weather forecasters RCT_201_

and her own place in the state of Kentucky next door to Ryan Hall Y'All so she can get him to stop reading coloniZerberg names from the weather maps, and all those sannis who make it into elderly age will have happy and beautiful women to look at as they speak about the weather in their neighboring towns.

And she never has to ponder over another Facebook friend request.

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Remap for the indigenoUS, not RCMP or ICE

It is time to stop Ecological and economic genocide upon people of color. Tortoise Mountain and Turtle Island natives are the original Ecosteaders. Long before European and other settlers with delusions about government-subsidized development in "blocks" of colonizer cash infrastructure, Native Land Before Invasion was organic. And there never were opportunities or roles for any white dudes as a "Chief" Executive Officer. Get out of here and fix the problems plaguing Europe before trying to kill the indigenoUS Earth.