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Expired: Maximizing profits for colonized shareholders.

Wired: Maximizing immunity from anything diseased and colonized.

Inspired: Removing diseased Realtors' signs; adding permanent and irrevocable Land Acknowledgements of the region.

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If any of my ~3:30 AM posts are weird, it is because in meditation, I often meditate on honor in the order of molecules, or on their larger counter parts:

The order of the red-hot mantle atop the core that honors its place in outer space, to stretch out some magnetized poles and produce rotations so that each layer of core and mantle and crust can move and bubble and produce rocks and ash and dirt and flint and chert.

I like the order of spores held close by ferns and lichens and moss which, with the help of the fungi, speed up the return of fallen branches and leaves, decomposition to give the forests that earthy smell with fruiting bodies to feed the sticky snail so he can, in a rip and crack then feed the joyful scrubjay with strength to fly and fill the forest with his talkative calls.

The order of the two Hydrogens paired with the one Oxygen, floating around sometimes tied, sometimes loose, mixing here and there with salt and sand and quenching roots and throats, recycling their dances over and over and tiring not at all.

I am not here to impress anybody. If I followed you, don't take that as an automatic that I endorse your world views. More likely than not, it means I found some goodness of logic in something you wrote in one of your areas of expertise.

Most words have opposites; anarchy is a bad opposite of most good things: it seeks to confuse and distract.

I'm a builder, not a destroyer.

I will always honor order where it orders best in nature, never the fickle, flaky ways of emotional humans and their egotisms and cliques and clubs and pissing contents and hangups and rages and wishful entitlements.

It's better to start the day with an honoring of order and its BFF, accountability.

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How to build ?

✅ Do not abide by patriarchy.

✅ Find and network with people who care.

✅ Acknowledge stolen lands and . [1]

✅ Listen to and include marginalized voices when deciding build or demolish plans.

✅ Involve locally-indigenous people in ongoing ecological assessments, and be willing to pay them with whatever currency they request.

✅ Source and hire locally.

✅ Share good ideas globally.

✅ Expect nothing.[2]



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"Nature is so complex and its interactions so dynamic that the idea that science could ever understand it all is utterly laughable. We can understand the more simple things that we do to interfere with it: to degrade it, to wreck it. But we can never understand it. It is beyond our comprehension.

The Indian cultures that I know have said that nature is a great mystery. It is so complex, so great, so above us, that we should never be so arrogant to think that we can understand even a little bit of it. But we can understand our nature. We can understand the profit motive. We can understand wrong thinking." ~John Mohawk

"Clear Thinking: A Positive Solitary View of Nature" Bioneers conference 1999

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She wrote also of Indians in : "... different in details and identical in intent and disastrous effect to that of Indians in the United States"

Nevertheless, themes of survival persist:

"2. Indians endure -- both in the sense of living through something so complete in its destructiveness that the mere presence of survivors is a testament to the human will to survive and in the sense of duration or longevity. Tribal systems have been operating in the "new world" for several hundred thousand years. It is unlikely that a few hundred years of colonization will see their undoing." (Introduction)

We can tell by who the whiteman elected Prezzy prez, that their sense of dread must be growing day by day.

"The acts of aggression committed against every aspect of American Indian life and society over the centuries-- what the Aztecs foresaw as Nine Hells or Nine Descents --have left indelible, searing scars on the minds and spirits of the native peoples on this continent. But voices of the spirits that inform Native America are being heard in every region.

The oral tradition, from which the contemporary poetry and fiction take their significance and authenticity, has, since contact with white people, been a major force in Indian resistance." (p. 53)

"Contemporary Indian communities value individual members who are deeply connected to the traditional ways of their people, even after centuries of concerted and brutal effort on the part of the American government, the churches, and the corporate system to break the connections between individuals and their tribal world. In short, Indians think it is important to remember, while Americans believe it is important to forget." (p. 210)

FBI opened terrorism investigations into nonviolent Palestinian solidarity group, documents reveal by @ChipGibbons89 #palestine

It's possible to click through the posts about this topic and see the outlook progression going from bad to worse. The areas in red are where the latest new floods are happening.

While I haven't been watching any cable television programs, some independent channel forecasters have shown concern over the significant warm-up expected this week.

21+ degrees above normal in some places. See also: "What if US State boundaries were defined by watershed:

If this summer is anything like the last, dry areas going to get evaporated quickly, and flooded areas are going to have more severe effects from any tropical waves or hurricanes. Hurricane season is not far away.

Hey everyone, my name is Sam Hill. I'm a mixed-raced, status Kanien'kehá:ka from the Six Nations of the Grand River Rez, Turtle Clan. Queer musician and artist. I'm mostly working with sculpture and painting right now but I LOVE playing around with anything I can get my hands on. Gotta keep it fresh and new, right? :blobcatfingerguns: I write, play and sing my own music.

but seriously fuck academic journals. they charge you to read the article *and* the researchers to have it fucking published in the first place. even w/o scihub you can literally just email the authors and ask them for a copy, and mostly they'll give you one. it's an utter scam

Reading about the Bayou:

"The Chitimacha subsisted on maize, potatoes, and wild game. They preferred deer, alligator, and aquatic species. Hunting and fishing were accomplished with the aid of bone, stone, or garfish scale pointed arrows, or through the use of blow guns and wooden darts, as well as, nets and traps for fishing. The Chitimacha were prolific ceramics producers until about 200 years ago when those techniques were lost to history, however the designs are said to have been similar to those employed in basketry.

The crown jewel of the Chitimacha cultural tradition is river cane basketry, both single and double woven. According to tribal legend, basketry was taught to the Chitimacha by a deity and has been practiced by tribal families for thousands of years. There are at least 50 different design elements, which can be combined to create hundreds of different basket designs.

At the time of contact with European explorers and other non-indigenous populations, the Chitimacha were known as the most powerful tribe between Texas and Florida. Iberville, an early French explorer, encountered the Chitimacha and one of their subdivisions, the Washa along the shores of the Mississippi River in 1699. In 1706, as a response to slave raids and French aggressions, a group of killed St. Cosme, a priest and slave owner, and several members of his party, who were missionaries to the Natchez Tribe. Bienville responded to this by convincing other tribes to help them make war on the Chitimacha. This war lasted until 1718 when a Chitimacha Chief met Bienville in the fledgling city of New Orleans. A treaty establishing peace was signed and a ceremony was held, which ended the long war in which the majority of the tribal members were annihilated. In the twelve years of conflict, many Chitimacha were forced into slavery and were the most enslaved of any population in Louisiana during that time period."

ok i got some birds to share. first of all i'm losing my mind trying to understand if this is a wood thrush or a hermit thrush, or some other thing?? but it was pretty, and fun to try to photograph. very skittish.

India's coronavirus lockdown is having a dramatic impact on pollution

In the capital, New Delhi, government data shows the average concentration of PM 2.5 plunged by 71% in the space of a week

and friendly reminder:

"Saints" are a colonial invention. They are part of the settler tradition to attempt to "reframe" what actually happened in the past 528 years, to minimize the horrific severity of what their ancestors (both white settlers from Europe who displaced and killed Native Americans on their conquests west, AND Spanish Conquistadors who similarly plundered and murdered Indians' villages and people as they traveled north) did. Spanish "colonial" style extravagances of large crosses and churches and missions are evidence of this genocidal history.

Settler histories are predicated on faulty notions that the continental landmass today which contains the US of A was available for the taking. Religious falsehoods about saints were beaten into children forced to attend Indian Boarding Schools. The texts of history books were embellished to disguise or mask the truly horrific abuse and genocidal historical events.

Native media site with so many facts the average person doesn't know:

"In February 2020, Elliott Management, with about $1 billion in shares, nominated four directors to the board of #Twitter Inc"

"The #ElliottCorporation was founded by #PaulSinger, who is CEO"

"Singer was a major contributor to George W. Bush's presidential campaigns. On March 14, 2008, Singer hosted a Republican National Committee luncheon in his home for 70 guests that raised $1.4 million for Bush."

twitter is run by discusting people, pushing for discusting politics.

And they define on *their* plattform which content will be seen, and which not. They have a hudge impact in our discourse, and we trusted them so much, that we started to depend on them.

Break this!

A lot of rich people are asking for bailouts to help pay their workers, and are being told "well, just sell your yacht, or mansion, or whatever!"

...Who the fuck is going to buy that crap?

My advice to the richies? Abdicate your privilege, create a council of workers that guides production of your companies, and join the rank and file. Gut the boats and mansions for parts and scuttle the rest.

Got into Ink recently when I was struggling with watercolor. :steven_pun: So I did some research and decided to start with Liquitex acrylic inks. I LOVE them. Hope you like this piece! #mastoart #creativetoots #IndigenousArtists #AcrylicInk #Ink

(The image shows two twin mountains releasing smoke as an invasion above pollutes it's surroundings)

A White-bellied Sea-Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster) spotted at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve on 4 April 2020. It flew in as we watched and landed on the branch to preen itself.

This is one of the resident sea-eagles at the reserve, and often seen by visitors who are delighted by them, especially when they fly low overhead.

On iNaturalist [ ].

#iNaturalist #Singapore #Nature #Photography #Birds #Aves

There's the problem:

feathers, iron, bargain buildings weights and pulleys; feathers hit the ground before the weight can leave the air

Buy the sky and sell the sky,
and tell the sky, and tell the sky...

There's the progress:

we have found a way to talk around the problem; building towered foresight isn't anything at all

Buy the sky and sell the sky,
and bleed the sky, and tell the sky ...

Ahahaha, not quite a logo or a splash screen... but I got reminded of the good ol' Alley Cat. Of course, this version is better! :blobcat:

(I really couldn't help it, I had to create this!)


Speaking of viruses (yeah, you can see from the original date on this thread, Norovirus predated coronavirus), have you ever seen how a virus uses its mechanics (mechq)?

Bacteriophage are weird machinations of angular geometry ~

white people love to ignore context, because to acknowledge that context matters is an acknowledgement that they need to examine their own patterns of behavior across time and situations. to strip all context and examine things within a vacuum makes it easier for them to ignore their problems, their friends' problems, and pretend that it is the brown people getting uppity for NO REASON AT ALL. wild.

"So they just get demoted to the bottom of the heap, yo?"

"Oh, it's much worse than that."

"How so?"

"You haven't heard? The two-trillion 'Dollars of No Value' thrown to 'save' the conman economy means NOPE! They don't get a soft landing."

"Above normal" 2020 Atlantic hurricane season on tap, researchers forecast

As the world battles the coronavirus crisis, researchers are warning of a potentially active #Atlantic #Ocean #hurricane season, which kicks off June 1 through the end of November.
The Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) — a collective measure of overall activity in terms of number, intensity and longevity of storms — is forecast to be 140% of the long-term average.

#ExtremeWeather #ClimateCrisis

Another report on the sinking craters and loss of ecosystem/habitat of former permafrost in the Arctic regions:

“...[T]he history of capital is the history of [B]lack subjection. And the history of [B]lack subjection has its origin within [Black chattel] slavery … the structural position of the slave paved the way for the genesis of the white bourgeois subject [i.e. civil society and its economics: capitalism]. To be white [Human] was to not be a slave [Black]. [Slavery] was to define and guarantee white livelihood [capitalist society].”

-R. L. ‘Wanderings of the Slave: Black life and Social Death’. 2013

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We stand with Wet'suwet'en. Decolonize your thinking: "Traditional Ecological Knowledge" (TEK) is the most valuable asset you can have as the world continues to sink deeper into the chaos and destruction of broken, inequitable, and faulty colonial systems that value money over Earth's many forms of life. We encourage you to join us on a better path as we build and participate in an Ecological Democracy that includes #AllThePeople as envisioned by a Navajo Nation member running as an Independent candidate for President. #LivingWalls, not border walls. And please keep boycotting Home Depot!