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Expired: Maximizing profits for colonized shareholders.

Wired: Maximizing immunity from anything diseased and colonized.

Inspired: Removing diseased Realtors' signs; adding permanent and irrevocable Land Acknowledgements of the region.

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How to build ?

✅ Do not abide by patriarchy.

✅ Find and network with people who care.

✅ Acknowledge stolen lands and . [1]

✅ Listen to and include marginalized voices when deciding build or demolish plans.

✅ Involve locally-indigenous people in ongoing ecological assessments, and be willing to pay them with whatever currency they request.

✅ Source and hire locally.

✅ Share good ideas globally.

✅ Expect nothing.[2]



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Land acknowledgements, and to honor the by listening to one of the survivors.

"During the American period, Indian female children were sold for $200 pursuant to state indenture laws, while Indian adults were hunted as bounties. The militias were paid 50 cents to $5 per scalp.

In 1860, the California government spent $1.6 million on the hunting of Native Peoples. This would equate to $46,400,000 today. When white men would bring in a scalp, it would drip with blood in order for them to trade for their money. Hence the term redskin, which is the name of Washington, DC’s football team. This term embodies genocide of Native American people, yet the capital city of our country wears it proudly.

The history of California is gruesome and cruel, yet Native American people were able to endure multiple waves of genocide while still cultivating their connection to culture. Native American Peoples’ existence today is resistance in itself.

We were not expected to survive 300 massacres in California and many more across the country. We were told to kill the Indian and save the man by suppressing our ceremonial practices, stories, and languages.

Today we stand stronger than ever as we initiate the movement from symbolism to reality. The history of my ancestors must be respected and learned, because in order to respect the Earth, we must respect Indigenous Peoples.

This history is not a plot for the next blockbuster movie."

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If any of my ~3:30 AM posts are weird, it is because in meditation, I often meditate on honor in the order of molecules, or on their larger counter parts:

The order of the red-hot mantle atop the core that honors its place in outer space, to stretch out some magnetized poles and produce rotations so that each layer of core and mantle and crust can move and bubble and produce rocks and ash and dirt and flint and chert.

I like the order of spores held close by ferns and lichens and moss which, with the help of the fungi, speed up the return of fallen branches and leaves, decomposition to give the forests that earthy smell with fruiting bodies to feed the sticky snail so he can, in a rip and crack then feed the joyful scrubjay with strength to fly and fill the forest with his talkative calls.

The order of the two Hydrogens paired with the one Oxygen, floating around sometimes tied, sometimes loose, mixing here and there with salt and sand and quenching roots and throats, recycling their dances over and over and tiring not at all.

I am not here to impress anybody. If I followed you, don't take that as an automatic that I endorse your world views. More likely than not, it means I found some goodness of logic in something you wrote in one of your areas of expertise.

Most words have opposites; anarchy is a bad opposite of most good things: it seeks to confuse and distract.

I'm a builder, not a destroyer.

I will always honor order where it orders best in nature, never the fickle, flaky ways of emotional humans and their egotisms and cliques and clubs and pissing contents and hangups and rages and wishful entitlements.

It's better to start the day with an honoring of order and its BFF, accountability.

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De-car-lonize your thinking.

Put those sneering tech bros way too attached to their boyhood fantasies into where they have no option but to walk -- feet on the searing cement or asphalt. No snowshoes or snowtire equivalents ... no grounding equipment at all.

Make them test subjects in their own non-pedestrian-friendly freeway messes. Their first inclination for a "fix" will be wrong, of course; they will realize quickly that cities with large blocks and tall buildings are the most dangerous.

Let them inhale all the toxic waste in their cities without sidewalks.

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Every single piece of art we share on facebook diminishes us and makes the enemy (Republican patriarchal society) more powerful.  Facebook needs Republican patriarchal society to continue the delusion that settler colonialism is okay.  Its entire business model is to actively censor and mute and bury our news and stories as it tries desperately to keep floating the dominant narrative of white supremacy. It wants everybody talking about the two-party political system, because thus far, white supremacy has been its biggest sugar daddy.  It knows it can't make money off displaced indigenous peoples exposing the corruption and lies in the system, so it silences us in sort of an echo chamber, where no news that matters can make it mainstream.

The National Association of Realtors is the number one partner of the Republican patriarchal society: landlording, fascist police evicting people, and unchecked corruption are all hallmarks of the fascists who have never stopped murdering the native inhabitants of Turtle Island. Everything becomes whitewashed underneath the false pretenses of American democracy.

Native democracy was different. Indigenous people, and those who support indigenous movements to take back the land need to operate outside of enemy territory if we are to preserve our unique ability to thrive in any condition. This is why I built and maintain Ecosteader.

Have I been largely unsuccessful in convincing people to leave enemy territory, or are they simply not able to understand that they can and should leave it? I'm really worried that the insidiousness of facebook's "business model" is making strong people weak. So many people stuck in that death trap.

People don't need facebook's network; it should not "own" any part of a person's or a group's or an organization's amplification. The more people who leave loudly and with all the logic of pure truth that we who are truly decolonizing can obtain, the weaker our enemy will become.

The corrupt government printing press at has apparently printed (let us think this math through. Um, eight hundred sixteen billion + 200 million dollars minus six hundred ninety billion + 650 million dollars is a difference of ....

[[[[calculating sounds]]]])


126850000000 colonial dollars since July. One company with ONLY 56,653 employees can print over 126 billion dollars in six months?

If you think THAT number is crazy, check out how much it has gone up in the last four years.


Apparently in order to ¨keep on keepin' on suffocating and murdering¨ the little people as Mr. Donald Trump wants, the Fascistbook has to keep inflating itself with the increasingly ostentatious and wishfully heroic gestures of benevolence, ALL of which are rooted in corrupt colonialism.

How big does the monstrosity that assaults the little folks get to get?

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It is the beginning of the month! Are you a PoC too far behind on your rent to the slavemaster, and getting evicted illegally?

Maybe watch this[1] full-length documentary on how the settlers who colonized the North American continent segregated and impoverished through something called a ¨racial covenant¨ written right onto the deeds. Then start cussing out your landlords because their ancestors manufactured urban poverty.

Doc has a great intro to the parent idea of racial covenants, which are called ¨restrictive covenants¨ and involve ¨redlining¨ as ways the early whites settled towns, dividing the PoCs to live in the ¨undesirable¨ neighborhoods and all the white settlers to the favorable ones.

Images on this post EXPLICITLY state the wishes of the white settlers to push the colored folks into the littlest boxes in the sickest parts of the towns.

Ecosteader corporate papers explicitly incorporate anti-racist ideals into our urban planning and ideals; to correctly acknowledge the correct things, we cannot build our land acknowledgements on incorrect and short-sighted colonial-worded deeds perpetuated by racism that has been PROVEN BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.


Brokers are the top realty agents whose models rent out a bunch of desks and ¨rights¨ to use signs and legal papers (colonial deed system) and the database of properties for sale to aspiring Brokers (Realtors).

Brokerages are, at the most simple definition, pyramid schemes. For another glimpse into the illegal eviction machine that only the people can stop, video [2].



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Dear white journalists writing about contemporary Indigenous issues,

Please do not frame indigenous rights as a potential benefit to climate collapse. We are not a tool for you to use to fix your society. Many of our cultures have been around long before the age of colonization; from many perspectives, climate collapse is just a symptom of the problem, which is colonialism.

We get it. You can only see other cultures for the value they will impart if assimilated.

Stop doing that!

This month, showed the world that not only is indigenous leadership is something the people want, also is it necessary for global survival.

¨Police and soldiers carried out two massacres of mostly Indigenous people demonstrating in the towns of Sacaba and Senkata in the week after last year’s coup, killing 11 people in each town and wounding many more. Despite this and other repression, the popular movement continued defending itself and rebuilding its strength. By last spring and summer, the people fought the coup regime and held strikes in August to fix the election date for Oct. 18.

Throughout the year, the coup government barred Morales and García Linera from returning to Bolivia. The MAS nominated Arce and Choquehuanca, who ran with Morales’ political blessing and won. Besides winning the top posts, the MAS won 21 of the 36 seats in the Senate and 75 of the 130 seats in the Chamber of Deputies. A majority of representatives in both houses are women.

The de facto (coup) government led by the “interim” president, Jeanine Áñez, was not only repressive, and ferociously corrupt, but incompetent in managing the Bolivian economy amidst a pandemic. Much of its already weak popular support started vanishing soon after the coup. During the past year, the coup parties pillaged a declining economy and fought each other over the spoils.¨

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People are calling it a revolution. Since October 22nd, hundreds of thousands across Poland have been protesting in 580 cities and towns, by one organizer's count. The umbrella term for the protests is "Women's Strike," though it's not just women participating, and it's not exactly a strike. The goal now, it seems, is to bring down the government of the right-wing Law and Justice Party (PiS), which has been in power since 2015.

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I am going to center indigenous voices
I wish I could center the voices of the youth and the unrecognized leaders, but the legally/Western-recognized leaders will have to do
I am going to do what I can where I stand

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Solidarity with the Ogoni9 and all other communities and environmental protectors affected by Shell! Tomorrow Shell will have to justify its actions in court. It's about time that the real criminals are stopped! #klimaatzaak #StopShell @milieudefensie

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Australian Indigenous efforts to reclaim native foods, recover ancestral plant knowledge, and bring it all to the mainstream:
No such thing as coincidence. This discussion of food and colonialism in Australia showed up in my e-mail.

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Hey so, Salesforce just bought Slack. Salesforce has a history of monetizing things they buy in really aggressive manners so I'm expecting some Changes there soon.

If you use Discord, I'll also note that when a thing's main competition has a problem is when companies choose to make Big Moves so don't be shocked if Discord makes major changes or either gets bought themselves very soon.

I've been banging the drum of "Have backups for your communities" for years now, but it's more serious now.
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1.4 billion phones are sold globally each year, and only 20% are properly recycled. What if we could turn Black Friday GREEN? Help us reach our goal of recycling 20,000 phones in 2020 by sending us your old phones. ♻️

Apply for your free shipping label:

Last year we shared Leonard Peltier 2019 Thanksgiving message in this thread.

He is not the only indigenous activist and PoC suffering behind steel bars this day, bars from the for-profit prison industrial complex perpetuating colonialism.

Indigenous people are incarcerated at 15X - 20X the rate of whites whose ancestors run the prison system. These men and women are NOT criminals.

Indeed, the statistic remains true for EVERY continent has experienced colonialism (prison industrual complex).

In Montana, for example, the reports: ¨Indigenous people comprise approximately 6.5 percent of the Montana state population and yet account for 20 percent of the men’s state prison population, 34 percent of the women’s state prison population, and 27 percent of the state’s arrests for failures to appear in court or for probation or parole violations.¨

See the video[1] of the Peltier statue´s dedication:





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FYI If you want to find Twitch Streams without viewers, there's

It's mostly good to find obscure streamers, but also odd ones once in a while

I came across an actual cactus on a desk somewhere

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**As COVID Devastates Native Communities, Indigenous Voters Played Key Role in Defeating Trump**

"As COVID-19 rampages through the U.S., we look at how the rapid spread of the disease is affecting Native American communities, which have already faced disproportionate infection and death rates throughout the pandemic. We speak to Jodi Archambault, a citizen of the Sta…"

#news #bot

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Wild how true this went on to be. Few weeks later the AIM would storm the Mayflower, 3 years later Alcatraz, by 78 most ceremony was decriminalized.

If you look at the trajectory of it really is stunning how rapidly it has progressed from "people who felt their culture was on the edge of extermination" to "people building up vast portfolios of cultural assets and preparing to transition themselves into land stewardship over the next century"

(That might not seem rapid, but indigenous histories tend to move at a different pace than y'all. White folk coming over is still "recent history" to the Lakota, this whole era is gonna end up a clause used to introduce the setting of some stories within a couple millenia.)

Thanksgiving Day

Thursday, November 26th, 6:00 - 8:00 am ~

The Indigenous Peoples Sunrise Ceremony held on Alcatraz Island to honor the Indigenous People's of America since 1975.
Please tune in to the broadcast to hear prayers for healing and offerings of collective thanks for 528 years of survival and resistance to colonization including other pandemics native Nations have survived in the past.

That the white supremacist media is trying to take over the event this year, via facebook is DISGUSTING TRAVESTY.

Perhaps the audio broadcast will be untainted:

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realized recently ive made a shift between thinking "you did a nice thing for me without me paying you, so now i will do something nice for you without you paying me", and have moved to "someone did something nice for me, so in the spirit of that, i do something nice for someone completely different -- or, i give aid to someone in the knowledge that some other person at some point in the future will likely help me when i need it"

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We’ve decided to do clothes diapers for the twins so i needed to install one of these sprayers. I feel like I learned a lot about plumbing just doing this (mostly that Teflon tape is nothing short of a miracle.) For experiences DIYers this probably seems pretty simple, but as someone who hasn’t ever done any plumbing I am feeling pretty slick.




Should not have to go to EU for recycling this stuff.

To ward off any potential snark or questions of eco-friendliness about using a newly-purchased tile as the surfacing material for this part of the rebuild:

(0) Having a flat, skid-free, trip-free surface on this deck is very important. In its immediate future, needs to hold rain-free place for workbenches and meditation. Recycled tiles vary too much in their thicknesses and gauges for a non-pro (me) to install, and is very difficult to find enough of the same tiles when buying recycled.

(1) This 3D-printed tile was chosen for its dark color, and therefore heat capturing and storing capabilities;

(2) this /tusati/ deck is on the north side of the house and it will eventually have a radiant heat source from a rocket stove, cob oven, or something of the like. The dark shiny colors will help hold an keeep heat in the space.

(3) Given we recycled so much of the existing siding, decided is okay to invest in something aesthetically cool and complementary. Plants like pretty tile, too.

💚 :greenhmoffice: ♻️

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Decolonize food. Decolonize medicine. Decolonize housing. Decolonize from corrupt white supremacist networks. Decolonize the US from its oligarchal form of government! European statues, place names, words, languages, and accounting systems DO NOT BELONG on Turtle Island, and are killing the whole planet. "Traditional Ecological Knowledge" (TEK) is the only thing that can help humans as colonial systems continue to sink deeper into broken, inequitable, and faulty systems that value money over Earth's many forms of life. #LivingWalls, not border walls. . Understand more... .