Sustainable vs Non-Sustainable:

It comes down to a question of renewable vs non-renewable. Only resources are sustainable; this is why there's no such thing as "clean coal". There never was. What the monsters in Republican governments (local, state, and federal) lie to you about is everything. Why do you elect liars to lead you? They gleefully destroy what the planet takes Billions of years to form. Their destruction spells your doom.

We [do not need to recreate the smog and pollution crisis of the 70's to know]( that renewable resource energy is the better way to plan for future energy needs. Stop drilling in Alaska; stop everything the TRE45ONists are doing.

2018's excess of climate-change-related planetary disasters is a proliferation of data, proof points, evidence, and more that the US House of Representatives has to work with. Be brave; be strong.

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": Why the seed is more than the bullet.

Generations evolve because they learn. Those who insist on regressing or reverting to messes they created long ago shall stay with their mess. "

Progression isn't an accidental word.

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@indie aside from some methane capture from garbage, and maybe some burning of garbage, bioenergy can be pretty problematic..


Seriously, dude! It's like the hippies were on to something back in 1972.

And there was a bit of progress made.

Here's an interesting note on some interesting ideas being implemented in places where there's an excess of heat:

Some kinds of algae (like seaweed) eats CO2. That energy can be harnessed and used just as easily (actually way easier!) than that disgusting machination the TRE45ONISTS need to refine their black fossil fuels.

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