Basically EVERYTHING in the Realtor-controlled MLS is designed to get you to overpay disgustingly for property.

It's usually an excellent idea to hire an ASHI independent home inspector, and have them create a write-up of all the structural components of a home that are disintegrating or bad. Then submit a revised offer. Also closely look at the land value relative to the home: any structures needing extensive remodeling are probably worth 30 percent less than they are asking!

BE ESPECIALLY PREPARED to discount the cheap "lipstick on a pig" fixes that Realtors often use to hide a building's dangers or flaws. They do not want you to look too closely.

After inspection, submit a new and discounted offer. Remember, you DO NOT NEED a REALTOR for this process. There is a LOT of false and misleading information online about this, don't be swayed!

They are counting on you to be dumb so they can take your equity and get away scot-free without any liability.

Don't be dumb.

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