Warnings regarding the polar bears were issued; proof proof proof. All the proofs point to true. motherjones.com/environment/20


"Asked recently about other communities looking to resist oil exploration around ANWR and elsewhere, Natanine highlighted the importance of community.

“The biggest thing for us was that we were united,” he said. Decisions were made in joint meetings between hamlet officials and the Hunters and Trappers Office. These decisions were then announced on the local radio station—the main form of mass communication in Clyde, other than Facebook—requesting feedback from the public. And, of course, partnering with outside organizations helped boost their message. “All the people that we networked with, that gave us advice, and that knew how the system of appealing works,” he said, “were very beneficial in all that we were doing.”

Natanine wasn’t just relieved that the fight against seismic testing was successful. He was also pleased that the partnership with Greenpeace, seen as a huge risk in the community at the time, became an unexpected blessing."

Source: newrepublic.com/article/151559


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