Great work standing up for our 4-legged brothers, Cuba. <3

"The first authorized independent march would be in support of animal and not human rights, but it could be a pilot test for greater freedoms, some march participants said.

“This could be the new Cuba,” said organizer Beatriz Batista, a 21-year-old communications student who received a permit for the march from the municipal authority of her Havana borough."


"Over 400 Cubans of all ages took part in an historic march through the streets of Cuba's capital on Sunday in the hopes of helping bring about an animal welfare law.

Children, adults and the elderly, many accompanied by their pets, gathered at El Quijote Park in central Havana early in the day, carrying posters demanding an end to animal abuse.

"I'm happy and excited because this is a historic event in our country," said Beatriz Batista, a student at the University of Havana and a member of the organization.

"The main goal of this demonstration is for an animal-protection law to be passed in Cuba," said Claudia Alonso, another student at the University of Havana who helped make the posters for the march."


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