In 2016, a veterans group predicted that Donald Trump would be serving time in the JAILHOUSE for insurance fraud:

He lied and said that the poison soil he "owns" was damaged by a hurricane in 2005, and thus he was entitled to $17 million in insurance.

There was no damage:

"Donald Trump claimed a $17 million insurance payday on his Mar-a-Lago property after a 2005 hurricane. But eyewitnesses told the Associated Press that the Palm Beach property never sustained close to $17 million in damages.

“That house has never been seriously damaged,” Trump’s longtime butler Anthony Senecal told the AP of Mar-a-Lago hurricane history. “I was there for all of them.”

Less than three weeks after Mar-a-Lago allegedly sustained $17 million in damages, the entire Trump family converged on the club to attend Donald Trump Jr.’s wedding there. Photos from the event show the estate in good repair. Tim Frank, Palm Beach’s planning administrator in 2005, told the AP that his office would have noticed $17 million in construction on the landmark property. “If there were $17 million dollars of damage, we sure as hell would have known about that,”"

Because there is karma in the Universe, and he has none, he will be confined to his fate.

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