Following another


Maybe someone you know might perchance like to join to be a mod of /r/PortlandMetro?

I originally built v0.5 of Ecosteader to be local themed, but since promotional efforts aren't my thing, and since Silicon Valley hates me -- Twitter did everything it could to stop ecosteader-minded messages from being seen -- earlier iterations stalled before I could smooth out details.

Today, out of respect for the global nature of the Earth's inhabitants, Ecosteader has a more focused mission.

Anyway, glad to find another lady of the trees. ϕ


What makes Ecosteader different from Mastodon? Is it your fork?

@salixlucida The better instances have a theme of content they welcome, the "generalist" ones get to be too spammy like Twitter.

We share a genre of content, which overlaps some -- but not all -- with others like

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