The most effective, available and scalable #carbon #capture technology is reforesting our planet. There are practically no downsides to this. #Restoration could become a driver for a new kind of eco-nomic growth. Imagine a tax-funded initiative to massively deploy forestry programs. This would be a jobs programme as well. Give people housing in the newly reforested areas so they can maintain them. Combine agro-forestry and permaculture techniques to feed the local populations and restore biodiversity. Make it possible for people currently in bullshit jobs or carbon-intensive jobs to retrain to this new system. It is possible. We have the means.

This is what we NEED and can demand. Any future socialist programme needs to be built around the idea of #restoration. Of habitats, of colonialisms, of patriarchisms, of inequality.

We have to refute any attempt by #techbros and corporations to squander public funds on 'carbon capture technology' and instead insist on ecological carbon capture approaches.



Couldn't have said it better myself. ☮️

Techbros will soon realize they all share a largest blind spot in the equation, and it will be both sad and funny.

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