story of the week features a compelling mix of crimes against ecosystems. These crimes are perpetuated by Chicago-based Exelon Corp and none other than PG&E, which itself is also precariously bankrupt.

TL;DR Summary:

Exelon Corp is NOT a "clean" or "renewable" energy company; it is bankrupt and desperate to continue polluting. As operator of the Conowingo Dam, it is actually dispersing ecosystem-killing pollutants into the already sick and weak Chesapeake Bay.

"The bay's hypoxic (low oxygen) and anoxic (no oxygen) zones are caused by excess nutrient pollution, primarily from agriculture and wastewater. The excess nutrients stimulate an overgrowth of algae, which then sinks and decomposes in the water. The resulting low oxygen levels are insufficient to support most marine life and habitats in near-bottom waters, threatening the bay's crabs, oysters and other fisheries.

This summer's Chesapeake Bay hypoxic or "dead zone," an area of low oxygen that can kill fish and other aquatic life, is expected to be about 2.1 cubic miles, while the volume of water with no oxygen is predicted to be between 0.49 and 0.63 cubic miles during early and late summer."



Look at the scum building up below the gates of this dam; it should be obvious that this should not be allowed to continue. Yet, guess whose administration wants to give the corporation more power to pollute?

"Exelon is seeking a new 50-year operating license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to continue generating power from Conowingo, one of five hydroelectric facilities along the lower Susquehanna River."


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