No tax breaks for private-profit prisons; we don't subscribe to the Trumps' anything.


And the records show (we, founders (crossref)) wish to tax companies according to their abuse of the many. REITs are not permitted.

"The Trump administration sends taxpayer dollars to private prison companies that lock up thousands of immigrants, including mothers and children, in substandard, inhumane conditions. These companies are making millions of dollars even as reports of abuse, violence, unhygienic conditions, lack of health care, and rape and sexual abuse are rampant in detention centers all over the country.(footnotes)

Most of these prison companies are structured as real estate investment trusts (REITs), which allows them to pay taxes at the individual – not corporate – rate.(^footnote3)

It's bad enough that taxpayer dollars allow private prisons to profit off human rights abuses. They shouldn't get a tax break, too."

PSA: You've already been provided with the evidence that Salesforce took federal money to detain people at the borders. Just how evil will men be for tax breaks? What should Salesforce's punishment be, aside from the lawsuits it inevitably loses?




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