It's really difficult to switch off that mindset of extreme thriftiness that happens to become sort of ingrained in people who've ever been impoverished.

It's also hard for me to remember to grok that most people have never had it _that_ bad and seeming weirdness can sometimes be explained.

So when I got a piece of mail a few months ago from a local municipal waste collector telling people to NOT recyclable products like "clamshells", I was pretty miffed. It was because China banned plastic waste imports, or some nonsense, apparently.

So time to repurpose.

What I found of the humble discarded BajaFresh to-go container, and the single-serve cake clamshell too, with the help of a few pinprick holes for drainage, were ideal seed incubators and bonsai homes.

Perhaps "garbage" like this can help in the quest to plant a trillion trees, or whatever the experts have suddenly discovered about that.

@indie reusing stuff is good, i keep a lot of containers in case i need them for something later

a lot of plastics disintegrate in sun light though, especially if they are meant to be disposable, so you might find this disintegrate into plastic flakes after a couple of years

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