If any of my ~3:30 AM posts are weird, it is because in meditation, I often meditate on honor in the order of molecules, or on their larger counter parts:

The order of the red-hot mantle atop the core that honors its place in outer space, to stretch out some magnetized poles and produce rotations so that each layer of core and mantle and crust can move and bubble and produce rocks and ash and dirt and flint and chert.

I like the order of spores held close by ferns and lichens and moss which, with the help of the fungi, speed up the return of fallen branches and leaves, decomposition to give the forests that earthy smell with fruiting bodies to feed the sticky snail so he can, in a rip and crack then feed the joyful scrubjay with strength to fly and fill the forest with his talkative calls.

The order of the two Hydrogens paired with the one Oxygen, floating around sometimes tied, sometimes loose, mixing here and there with salt and sand and quenching roots and throats, recycling their dances over and over and tiring not at all.

I am not here to impress anybody. If I followed you, don't take that as an automatic that I endorse your world views. More likely than not, it means I found some goodness of logic in something you wrote in one of your areas of expertise.

Most words have opposites; anarchy is a bad opposite of most good things: it seeks to confuse and distract.

I'm a builder, not a destroyer.

I will always honor order where it orders best in nature, never the fickle, flaky ways of emotional humans and their egotisms and cliques and clubs and pissing contents and hangups and rages and wishful entitlements.

It's better to start the day with an honoring of order and its BFF, accountability.

The fascinating shapes of a forest ecosystem, the distribution of not just classes, but orders of life and species ...

Some evolve, some revolve.
Some dissolve completely out of orbit.

Some are, logically, subjected to entropy; even with that great handicap, they gladly take on the work of reduction, to break down into organized components.

Reduction. ~

is one way to heal sick and suffering Earth systems. When humans with illusions of authority unleash toxic warfare upon the soils ... you need more than prayer.

We published a lengthy note on this topic, and released it to the Creative Commons way back in 2013 [2]. Since the older version of the site has been replaced w/Mastodon, we'll update the topic again.

One definition of reduction is "to break down into component parts". That is another way of saying: reduce, reuse (repurpose), recycle.

It happens at the molecular level, too. Some species of mushroom are effective, for example, at "cleaning" former sites polluted by toxic waste. (Psst! Colonists are more that welcome to take these ideas back to their European homelands, to experiment and see for themselves the magic that can be done).

"Fungi ... [have] an amazing ability to breakdown pollutants into their harmless (and even beneficial) components. However, pairing the right [fungus] with the target pollutant is of importance, as not all fungi are alike. This being the case, fungi have been shown in studies to degrade some of the most egregious pollutants such as plastics, herbicides, radioactive waste, crude oil, and Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), returning soils to vibrant, biologically active conditions."[3]

_Agaricus_[4] are effective at combating toxic levels of cadmium, copper, and zinc which are common byproducts of much of modern colonizers' wasted energies.






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Upper-level atmospherics sharding heavy, humid systems makes for intense weather.

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