Cool! Thanks to @darius for this rad tool; I just made a bot for Earth Sciences RSS headlines!

@physorg_earthsci (Created by @indie)

@indie @darius here's one I made earlier from the climate change #RSS feed of the Guardian:


@mango @darius

Neither of them have any toots yet! Are we supposed to implement this on our own instances in order for it to work?

@indie @mango Nope! If someone in your instance subscribes, then the posts will appear as the RSS feeds are updated with new items. Think of them as messages that get delivered to your server as they're created.

@darius @mango

And by "subscribe" you mean... follow the bot? We each followed our botcreations; I guess this just means the RSS data itself hasn't had any new stories lately...

In any case, very much awesome, thanks. 💖 🦄 🏕️

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