Even without government subsidies, is the cheaper option:

"For many years, financing entities perceived renewables as risky because of high cost, leading to high lending rates for individuals and businesses that need funding for renewable power generation. As the IRENA report depicts, this trend has been on the decline since the early 2000s. The worldwide weighted average cost of electricity from solar power concentration fell by 26%, that of bioenergy reduced by 14%, solar photovoltaics, geothermal, onshore, as well as offshore wind, fell by 14%, and hydropower by 12%."

Source: forbes.com/sites/jamesellsmoor

One of the pledges needed for any 2020.

"We need candidates to take this pledge and fiercely oppose climate-wrecking pipelines like Keystone XL because the science is crystal clear — we can’t afford to build ANY new fossil fuel infrastructure. We need candidates to oppose drilling on public lands, offshore drilling, the Line 3 pipeline, the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines, and more. Real climate leadership to confront the climate crisis means opposing any and all new fossil fuel infrastructure.

In March, Trump took unprecedented — and possibly illegal — action to force through TransCanada's proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline project. We’ve killed this pipeline before, and we’ll do it again."


No new combustion engines.


Citizens Send Big Line 5 Message to Michigan Elected Officials

“Why is Enbridge spending millions to convince Michiganders their Line 5 pipeline is safe and vital to Michigan and they care about protecting the Great Lakes? Because it’s not true,” said David Holtz, spokesperson for Oil & Water Don’t Mix. “Enbridge has lied about the condition of its dangerous Line 5 pipeline and just over a year ago paid a $1.8 million fine for failing to thoroughly inspect its pipelines for weaknesses. But you won’t see that in Enbridge’s paid ads, the talking points they write or the message they tell lawmakers.

“Our job is to help regular citizens pierce Enbridge’s lies and let their elected officials know directly that they demand the put protecting Michigan and the Great Lakes over Big Oil money.”

Source: nativenewsonline.net/currents/

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