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"Long before the United States became a country, American Indian and Alaska Native tribes were independent, self-governing peoples. The United States has recognized the inherent governmental authority of tribes, also known as tribal sovereignty. In exchange for the millions of acres of land that it acquired from tribes in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, the United States promised to protect tribal sovereignty. The United States continues to acknowledge that, because they are sovereigns, tribes still govern their own members and remaining territory. Also, because of tribal sovereignty, federal law generally precludes state governance or jurisdiction within tribal territory over tribe members and sometimes non-members.

With sovereignty, tribes can determine their own governments. They can determine their own membership. They can regulate issues such as real property, commerce and trade, domestic relations, criminal and civil conduct, and tax activities. Tribes can administer justice to enforce their regulatory laws. Tribes also have the power to exclude persons from tribal territory. While these exercises of tribal sovereignty or jurisdiction are often challenged, in general they have been upheld under federal law."

You can read more about NARF's five priority areas at

(1) Hold governments accountable to Native Americans;

(2) Preservation of tribal existence;

(3) Protection of tribal natural resources;

(4) Promotion of Native American human rights;

(5) Development of Indian law and educating the public about rights, laws, and issues.

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