Great idea for naturalizing outdoor spaces:

The of this outdoor in the video was undertaken with the hope of reducing urban flooding in London.

"Two months, 16 tonnes of soil and 10,000 plants later, Victoria has just welcomed London’s largest Living Wall, designed to reduce urban flooding. Housed on the side of Rubens at the Palace Hotel, the 21 metre high wall covers a 350 square foot area and is home to seasonal flowers like strawberries, butter cups and winter geraniums to ensure it’s in bloom all year round.

The lack of absorbent surfaces in the area, means Victoria is prone to urban flooding but with specifically designed storage tanks, the wall can house up to 10,000 litres of water which is channelled back through the wall to nourish the plant life."

Some more designs:


The addition of a made out of nothing more than , , driftwood, or succulents transforms a totally boring wall into the of something beautiful and alive.

@indie I love these and wish that I were remotely capable of building one at my home

@Thomas Sure you can. There are many approaches to take. Some are along the lines of that make use of pocket, or pockets of containers slung over any kind of vertical structure, and others are artsy installations that have layers built in for erosion and water capture.

@indie you think I could pull one off indoors with succulents? Do you know of any good guides or resources?

@Thomas Not knowing anything particular about you or your living situation, I'd say anything is doable with the right attitude. 👍

You could try starting with something like a terrarium if the picture frame approach seems too hard... It's nature, ad organic, should be fluid and intuitive.

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