Why get off corporate social media? Because it's plastered with lies and advertisements, with insidious garbage trying to brainwash, distract, and detract you from what's really important.

We just had the largest marches in the world, and Ecosteader still has almost no voice.

Twitter is a cesspool of diarrhea... it is the kind of still-warm, "MAGA" maggot-breeding diarrhea that gushes from orifices of a doomed TRE45ONIST man wrapped up so tightly in his doom that he fears everything: even little children from Mexico. He is a monster.

Facebook is cancer, a toxic sludge of radioactive waste that wants to suck you into perpetual unhappiness and discontent. Even your best intents to, say, donate to worthy causes are being siphoned off to feed the delusional money beasts: payment processing fees to feed the greed of the sneering techbros who think they are entitled to take a piece of this and a chunk of that to just "buy" whatever they want with all their money.

Zuck tried to buy his own paradise in Hawaii, but Hawaii said NO.

The in tech companies like Facebook isn't just dangerous to local ecologies, it's dangerous to the world.

Never forget the murdered elephant (2011) and the other safari creatures (one of whom was a leopard) murdered by the GoDaddy tycoon trying to play "white savior", which is what pompous rich men tend to do when they get bored. Bob Parsons is nastier than scum.

Parsons, Trump, Putin, Thiel, Kushner, Benioff, Twitter guys, Zuckerberg and Zell ... they're all the same. In fact, Chris Christie flew a helicopter into Zuck's town to cavort with him and others of his kind. That was followed by this increasingly paranoid action:

Meanwhile, East Palo Alto's tiny apartment dwellers were subjected to the brute-force real estate terrorism of a (yes, publicly-traded) company named "Equity Residential" led by Sam Zell. See screenshot for more proof of this war on renters; his company gentrified the building I lived in, in EPA.

Menlo Park, Sunnyvale, and Mountain View, too ... when it becomes clear how all the bad guys are linked, you'll start to "get" how important it is to get off _their_ corporate social media.

Thank you to everybody helping organize on the and helping the voices they've tried to censor, stifle, or silence be heard.

Speaking of messages that can arrive from away: (lest anyone forget about the missing and murdered indigenous) ...

And yet, strong women still get the message out: "Hello, world! It's never too soon to corruption."

What if had been able to democratize without oppression and unnecessary but ultimately destructive foreign intervention?

"You can disagree all you want; that doesn't make her wrong."

"Among other policies, the state denied natives voting rights until 1960, unless they agreed to forgo indigenous status. Canada also forced 150,000 aboriginal children into “residential schools” — state-funded boarding institutions where assimilation into white culture was mandatory. Students were beaten if they spoke in their native tongues, and an unknown number of girls was sterilized. The last of the 130 schools didn’t close until 1996.

Today, Canada’s 1.4 million indigenous people suffer economically — 36 percent of indigenous women live in poverty, for instance, versus 17 percent of their non-indigenous counterparts. One-third of indigenous people between the ages of 25 and 54 have less than a high school education. Substance abuse is a rampant concern; in a 2011 national survey of First Nation adults living on reserves and in northern communities, 83 percent cited it as the biggest threat to aboriginal health. Dawn Lavell-Harvard, president of the non-profit Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC), says she once heard domestic abuse in aboriginal households called as normal as keeping “ketchup in the fridge.”"


Large-bodied four-leggeds from what is now African continent: "Drop every man who ever thought or said, 'Kill the Indian'."

For crimes of trophy hunting the four-leggeds, for poaching water and precious Earth from indigenous tribes and families, for polluting the villages with their vile white savior complexes, the perpetrators have always been pompous, two-legged corporate beings (some of whose weights are said to exceed 5 trillion Earths!). When those guys get accounting wrong, it really is atrociously wrong.

As those corporeal men (and everything to which they are attached) began to have their molecules sucked back (oh, so very painfully), their first reaction was to try to bargain.

interplanetary nebulas more wise by hundreds of millions of light years ensure that bargains are not possible, and that their screams (which no one remaining has to hear) stay with them; they might get a single flash of the Earth they plundered, if they see anything at all.

"Since they refused to learn on the forgiving Earth, let them now have only inhospitable remote galaxies."

"So they just get demoted to the bottom of the heap, yo?"

"Oh, it's much worse than that."

"How so?"

"You haven't heard? The two-trillion 'Dollars of No Value' thrown to 'save' the conman economy means NOPE! They don't get a soft landing."

@indie afaik most people did not quit their jobs or do anything to seriously damage any of the major producers of pollution and carbon. actually fucking revolt if you want to change something.
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