"Honduras is not simply a “failed state;” it is actively warped by corporate and international interests. The government, itself on trial for corruption and narcotrafficking, is launching criminal charges against some of its most precarious citizens for protests in defense of their own forest."

"On September 29, before I had fully assimilated the reality of Milgen’s death, I received news of the murder of yet another Tolupán leader ... reportedly shot to death by unknown individuals."

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"A group of Tolupán people, criminalized for protesting to defend their ancestral territory, pose outside the courthouse in the department of Yoro, Honduras."

"Salomón and Samael Matute were murdered in February, but, “there has been no substantial advance in the investigation,” says Mario Iraheta, legal representative for the Tolupán community in the suit for protective measures and member of the legal team of MADJ. “The material authors [of the crime] continue to walk free in the area, without an order for their arrest.” "

"The implementation of such legislation is allegedly causing a direct violation upon the rights of land of various indigenous peoples affected, in particular in the context of the creation of new protected areas and the exploitation of natural resources without the participation and consent of various indigenous communities. "

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