the US government last night gave it's approval of a Turkish invasion of Northern Syria. This area is home to kurdish people who have set up a democratic communalist system of self-government there. It is anti-patriarchal, ecological, socialist and multi-ethnic. This is literally one of the most promising front lines of #decolonial struggle. It is one of the front lines for #ClimateJustice. These are the folks that defeated IS. It is now thrown under the bus by the West.


@mango I posted this on Reddit yesterday (it was removed by the mods on /r/esist), and I was so pissed, I logged into failbook with the explicit purpose of sharing it with everyone I know.

Drumpf really is the biggest threat. He's so desperate to get focus off his financial and tax and insurance fraud crimes, he's behaving erratically.

Please steal this banner, share it.

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